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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Study: Kerry's Fiscal Agenda "Makeover" Won't Improve Budget Picture for Taxpayers

July 12, 2004
For overtaxed and deficit-weary Americans, future prospects for lower federal spending are bleak indeed, according to a detailed analysis of the Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry's fiscal agenda by the non-partisan National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF). ...

Highlights of the study include:

Based on Kerry's promise to "pay for" every program he has proposed, U.S. taxpayers would each face an average additional $2,206 in higher taxes during Kerry's first year in office, and a cumulative increased tax burden of $6,066 over his first term. ...

Kerry has promised nearly $115 billion in social welfare, foreign aid, energy, and environmental handouts during his first term, including $2 million to restore voting rights to felons. ... Kerry has announced only five cost-saving policy ideas out of a total of 70 policy proposals. ...

"In the final analysis, the 'winner' of the 2004 election could very well be the federal deficit -- leaving taxpayers with a landslide loss of their economic freedom."
FR Reprint.

Al-Qaeda bought diamonds ahead of Sept. 11 attacks

August 07 2004
A series of witnesses place six top al-Qaida fugitives in Africa buying up diamonds in the run-up to the Sept. 11 attacks, according to a confidential report by UN-backed prosecutors obtained by The Associated Press. The first-person accounts detailed by the prosecutors add to long-standing claims that al-Qaida laundered millions of dollars in terror funds through African diamonds before launching its deadliest offensive. ...

Al Qaida's alleged aim: snapping up diamonds in order to have easily convertible, untraceable resources after the first U.S.-led moves freezing al-Qaida bank accounts and other conventional assets worldwide in 1999. ... FR Reprint.

'Fahrenheit 9/11` to premiere in Iranian cinemas

August 7, 2004
American filmmaker Michael Moore's widely popular documentary 'Fahrenheit 9/11` will soon be screened on Iranian movie theaters, a head of the institute which runs the country's cinemas said in Tehran on Saturday. According to the broadcasting manager of the Farabi Cinematheque Foundation, Manuchehr Shahsavari, 'the (screen) rights of the movie has been bought' and work has started to prepare it for release. ... FR Reprint.

Audio of Kerry's Commanding Office Asking Kerry to leave Vietnam

August 7, 2004
Hear the actual audio of Kerry's former commanding office as he relates how he asked Kerry to leave Vietnam. Click here. FR Reprint.

A Problem with Payrolls? (Actually 629,000 new jobs in July!)

August 6, 2004
The Heritage Foundation has produced an interesting analysis. To read the report click here. FR Reprint.

Qaeda-Linked Cells 'To Hit Italy' After Aug 15 Truce

August 7, 2004
A militant group claiming links to al Qaeda said on Saturday its cells in Italy were ready to strike if the country did not withdraw troops from Iraq before an August 15 deadline it set a week ago. "The truce we had offered you ... to withdraw your troops has almost ended. Our cells in Rome and in all other Italian cities are prepared and ready to carry out their mission after the end of the truce on the 15th of this month," said a statement signed by Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades -- al Qaeda Organization. ... FR Reprint.

Iraq shuts al-Jazeera Baghdad office for a month

August 6, 2004
Iraq's interim government ordered Qatar-based Al Jazeera satellite television network to close its Baghdad office for one month on Saturday, a move criticised as unjustifiable by the channel.

Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, confirming the decision at a news conference, said a commission had been monitoring Al Jazeera for the past four weeks to see whether it was inciting violence and hatred, and that the decision had been taken "to protect the people of Iraq". "It's regrettable and we believe it's not justifiable," Al Jazeera spokesman Jihad Ballout said. "This latest decision runs contrary to all the promises made by Iraqi authorities concerning freedom of expression and freedom of the press."

Iraqi Interior Minister Falah al-Naqib said this week that Arabic satellite channels were encouraging kidnappings by showing images of hostages threatened with executions. Another government official at the press conference said the station had "encouraged criminals and gangsters" in Iraq. ... FR Reprint.

Foreign observers to audit election

August 6, 2004
The Bush administration has invited a team of international monitors to observe the U.S. presidential election in November, but the group will not come from the United Nations, as some congressional Democrats had urged.

Assistant Secretary of State Paul V. Kelly, who handles legislative affairs for the department, affirmed the invitation this week in a letter to 13 House Democrats. They had requested U.N. monitors for this year's elections in an effort to avoid the charges of disenfranchisement and voting irregularities that plagued the 2000 election, the closest in history. FR Reprint.

Kerry's Goal of Independence From Middle East Oil Divides Advisers

August 6, 2004
The idea of a United States independent of Middle East oil is a touchstone of Senator John Kerry's campaign and a huge crowd pleaser, but has divided and exasperated many of his most experienced energy advisers.

Some advisers say they worry that Mr. Kerry's focus on freeing the United States from reliance on oil from the Persian Gulf, the linchpin of the energy plan he released on Thursday, is unrealistic and misleading and that hammering away at it would erode Mr. Kerry's credibility with business, the news media and other countries. ... FR Reprint.

CIA angers Russia by predicting break-up of state within 10 years

April 30, 2004
Russia's political elite has been stung by a recently declassified CIA report that suggests the world's largest country could fall apart at the seams in a decade and split into as many as eight different states.

The report, Global Trends 2015, has sparked a lively debate in Russia about the country's territorial integrity and triggered passionate denunciations from some of Russia's leading politicians. Its unflinchingly bleak assessment of Russia's prospects has angered many at a time when the Russian government is doing its best to talk up the economy.

The fact that the gloomy prognosis comes from its old Cold War enemy makes it all the harder for Russia to swallow. But many ordinary Russians seem to share the CIA's pessimism. ... FR Reprint.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Former San Diego-Based Sailor Allegedly E-Mailed Terror Suspect

August 6, 2004
A former sailor aboard a San Diego-based ship allegedly praised a deadly terror attack on a U.S. destroyer and communicated with a British man arrested on suspicion of having terrorist ties, according to a court document unsealed Friday.

The sailor on the USS Benfold, whose name has not been released, allegedly sympathized with the jihad cause and sent e-mails to anti-Western Web sites run by Babar Ahmad. British police arrested Ahmad, 30, earlier this week on a U.S. extradition warrant charging that he used the Internet to help Taliban fighters recruit and raise money. ... FR Reprint.

Briton 'Had Gulf Battle Plans And Links To US Navy Mole'

August 6, 2004
A Briton who appeared in court in London yesterday on extradition charges allegedly was in possession of US navy battle plans and had contacts with an apparent Islamist spy within the [US] service.

American authorities claim that Babar Ahmad, 30, ran a terrorist fundraising and recruiting agency on the internet, much of it on behalf of the Taliban in Afghanistan. ...

The "highly sensitive" investigation" was triggered by the alleged discovery by Scotland Yard officers in a raid on Ahmad's home last December. They allegedly found a computer disk containing classified descriptions of planned movements of a battle group in the Straits of Hormuz, off Iran, and offering guidance on how best to attack individual ships. ...

The plans allegedly amounted to a blueprint on how to attack US warships. The disk included the battle group's planned movements on that day, a drawing of the group's formation, and the names of individual ships and where they would be in that formation. ... FR Reprint.

Bush Boom: Highest Total Employment In American History

August 6, 2004
The July jobs report is out and it's being spun as bad news for the President by people who don't understand how the data is collected and calculated. The media is reporting that only 32,000 jobs were created in July. But that's not true, for a number of reasons.

First, the 32,000 figure has a statistical quirk in it: July is one of two months, the other being January, that the government statisticians simply assume that a certain percentages of businesses fail, and they reduce the jobs-growth estimate by tens of thousands of jobs to account for it. According to the New York Post's John Crudele, a year ago that lead to the job-growth number being slashed by 83,000 jobs in July.

Second, the 32,000 figure reflects only "nonfarm payroll jobs," which means, roughly, jobs created by employers. This data come from the government's monthly "Payroll Survey," which generally misses small businesses, especially newer small businesses, and always misses self-employed people.

The real number you should focus on is this one: Total employment in America rose by 629,000 to 139.66 million people in July, based on the government's Household Survey, which is also the data on which the official unemployment rate is based. Unemployment dropped a tenth of a percent in July. ...

Here are some basic facts you need to know about the American economy under President George W. Bush:

The unemployment rate has fallen from 6.2 percent in July 2003 to 5.5 percent now. The number of unemployed people has fallen from 9.1 million in July 2003 to 8.2 million now. ... Today, 139,660,000 Americans have jobs, more than at any time in our nation's history. ... FR Reprint.

Chávez [Friend of Castro]: A Kerry Victory will mean a new era in our binational relationship

August 6, 2004
President Hugo Chávez said today that a victory for Democrat John Kerry for the presidency of the US, will open up a new era in the relationship between the two countries, marked by continuous confrontation and hostility in recent years.

"I believe that with Kerry a new era will open up in their relations with Venezuela, because there won't be the weight, the tension that we have had with the Bush administration", he said at a ceremony awarding licenses for gas development with directors of the US-based Chevron-Texaco.
... FR Reprint.

Four Iranians Arrested in Karbala for Terror Attacks

August 05, 2004
The police in the central Iraqi city of Karbala arrested four Iranians who were suspectedly involved incarrying out assassinations and bombings in different areas of thewar-torn country, said Azzaman newspaper on Thursday. The four Iranians were arrested in a wide campaign made by the police in the city in search of foreigners who had entered the country illegally, said Rahman Mishary, media director of theKarbala police.

He said the Iranians had admitted their involvement in implementing several terrorist operations. The four suspects said they fled to Karbala, 100 km south of Baghdad, after carrying out attacks in several parts of thecountry, Mishary said.

Iraqi Defense Minister Hazim Shaalan has recently accused Iran of interfering into Iraq's internal affairs and penetrating into Iraqi government institutions, including the defense ministry itself. ... FR Reprint.

More than 1,200 militiamen surrender in Najaf

August 6, 2004
More than 1,200 militiamen loyal to radical Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr surrendered following fierce clashes with US and Iraqi forces in Najaf, the police general directorate said.

"Over 1,200 criminals have surrendered to Iraqi forces," it said in a statement, adding that the holy city of Najaf had been "secured." It said most of the captured militiamen were criminals who were released from Iraqi prisons by ousted president Saddam Hussein before last year's US-led invasion.

The statement accused Sadr's Mehdi Army of wanting to "destablise the country," and vowed "this operation will continue until this illegal and cruel violence has been quelled." ... FR Reprint.

Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia - His story doesn't add up

August 6, 2004
This is from Unfit for Command, the new book by John O'Neill, the man who took over John Kerry's Swift Boat, and co-author Jerome Corsi:

Kerry also described, for example, for the Boston Herald his vivid memories of his Christmas Eve spent in Cambodia: "I remember spending Christmas Eve of 1968 five miles across the Cambodian border being shot at by our South Vietnamese allies who were drunk and celebrating Christmas. The absurdity of almost being killed by our own allies in a country in which President Nixon claimed there were no American troops was very real."

Problem One: Nixon hadn't taken office yet.

Problem Two: "During Christmas 1968, he was more than fifty miles away from Cambodia. Kerry was never ordered into Cambodia by anyone and would have been court-martialed had he gone there. During Christmas 1968, Kerry was stationed at Coastal Division 13 in Cat Lo. Coastal Division 13’s patrol areas extended to Sa Dec, about fifty-five miles from the Cambodian border...

All the living commanders in Kerry’s chain of command—Joe Streuhli (Commander of CosDiv 13), George Elliott (Commander of CosDiv 11), Adrian Lonsdale (Captain, USCG and Commander, Coastal Surveillance Center at An Thoi), Rear Admiral Roy Hoffmann (Commander, Coastal Surveillance Force Vietnam, CTF 115), and Rear Admiral Art Price (Commander of River Patrol Force, CTF 116)—deny that Kerry was ever ordered to Cambodia...

At least three of the five crewmen on Kerry’s PCF 44 boat—Bill Zaldonis, Steven Hatch, and Steve Gardner—deny that they or their boat were ever in Cambodia. The remaining two crewmen declined to be interviewed for this book.

The Cambodia incursion story is not included in Tour of Duty [the book on Kerry's war years by Douglas Brinkley]. Instead, Kerry replaces the story with a report about a mortar attack that occurred on Christmas Eve 1968 “near the Cambodia border” in a town called Sa Dec, some fifty-five miles from the Cambodian border.

Somehow, Kerry’s secret illegal mission to Cambodia, which he recounted on the floor of the U.S. Senate in 1986, is now a firefight at Sa Dec and a Christmas day spent back at the base writing entries in his journal.

Unless O'Neill and Corsi have made some major error in their reporting, this is pretty stunning. Either Kerry is a pathological liar, or every man in his chain of command is. FR Reprint.

Vietnamese in U.S. and Vietnam Differ in Support of U.S. Presidential Candidates

Jul 29, 2004
Prior to the Democratic national convention in Boston, journalists in both mainstream and ethnic press queried Vietnamese in the United States and in Vietnam on their views of the two presidential candidates. The contrast is startling.

The majority in the Mekong Delta region of South Vietnam interviewed by the Associated Press said that they don't pay much attention to current events in the United States because they are poor and struggling to survive. But those who do have time to read, said they support John Kerry because he and Sen. John McCain, both Vietnam veterans, have in the past pushed for trade normalization between the United States and Vietnam. ...

Back in the United States, however, residents like Pauline Tran in Fairfax, Va. said that she would vote for Bush. Kerry, she said, was an anti-war activist and was part of the reason why South Vietnam was defeated. Others said they will vote for Bush to punish Kerry. ...

In a Cali Today poll, 90 percent of Vietnamese Americans said they would vote for Bush, and only 10 percent said they would vote for Kerry. FR Reprint.

New Club For Growth AD

August 6, 2004
The Club for growth has just released a new ad on John Kerry.

To view it click here. FR Reprint.

Boston Globe Reporter Paid to Write Official Campaign Book Forward -- While Covering Kerry

August 6, 2004
BOSTON GLOBE reporter Mike Kranish made waves on Friday by reporting a key figure in the anti-Kerry ad campaign, Kerry's former commanding officer, "backed off one of the key contentions."

But Captain George Elliott claims the Kranish article is "extremely inaccurate" and highly misstated his actual views.

Oddly, journalist Kranish has been commissioned to write the foreword of the official Kerry-Edwards campaign book -- just as he is covering the campaign in an official capacity as a journalist for the BOSTON GLOBE!

[EDITOR's NOTE: One TV station pulled the anti-Kerry vet ad today, after the Kerry campaign lobbied the station with GLOBE story.] FR Reprint.

Update: FR Exclusive: Amazon picture flub leads to inaccurate Drudge story concerning Globe writer = Click here to read the rest of the story.

Anti-Kerry Vets Hang Tough

August 6, 2004
The following statement from Swift Boat Veterans for Truth concerns an article appearing in morning edition of the BOSTON GLOBE, written by GLOBE reporter and author of the official Kerry-Edwards campaign book, Mike Kranish.

"Captain George Elliott describes an article appearing in today’s edition of the BOSTON GLOBE by Mike Kranish as extremely inaccurate and highly misstating his actual views. He reaffirms his statement in the current advertisement paid for by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, Captain Elliott reaffirms his affidavit in support of that advertisement, and he reaffirms his request that the ad be played.

“Additional documentation will follow. ... FR Reprint.

Pakistan - U.S. "jeopardised" al Qaeda sting

August 6, 2004
U.S. officials revealed the name of captured al Qaeda suspect Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan while he was still cooperating with Pakistani authorities, a Pakistani intelligence source has told Reuters.

Khan e-mailed comrades on Sunday and Monday as part of a Pakistani sting operation against Osama bin Laden's network, the source said on Friday. But his name appeared in the New York Times on Monday following anonymous briefings by U.S. officials, raising suggestions their disclosure could have jeopardised the sting. ... FR Reprint.

Governor of Najaf issues an ultimatum to the Sadr's militia to leave city or risk death

August 6, 2004
The governor of Najaf launches an ultimatum to the Shiite militiamans. The governor of the province of Najaf launched Friday a 24 hours ultimatum to the militiamans of the radical head Shiite Moqtada Sadr to leave the city where to risk death.

"the military operations will continue unless the Army of Mehdi (militia of Moqtada Sadr) does not leave the province, and I give him 24 hours to do it starting from the diffusion of this declaration", declared with the press Adnan Al-Zorfi.

"There will be no compromise ... FR Reprint.

Suspected Terrorists Under Surveillance in NYC

August 5, 2004
In New York City, several people with links to the terror groups Al Qaeda, Ansar al Islam and the Egyptian Islamic Jihad are under surveillance in New York City, an FBI spokesperson says. The FBI says there is no evidence that the suspects it is monitoring have any direct connection to the possible plots that led to this week’s heightened alert.

Law enforcement sources tell the Associated Press some of the suspects were linked to terrorist operatives by foreign intelligence agencies. ... FR Reprint.

Suspicious Activity in Scranton (Middle Easterners scouting ammo plant)

August 5, 2004
If you've run into two men asking questions about the Chamberlain plant in Scranton you're not alone. The plant makes shells for the military. Scranton police and the F.B.I. have information that two men were asking questions about the plant on Cedar Avenue and investigators want to know why. The Chamberlain Manufacturing Corporation makes ammunition shells. Last year the plant was working on a $22 million contract for the government, making 25,000 shells a month. ...

So Scranton police are circulating a flyer with computer-generated pictures created by descriptions given to investigators. They're said to be of middle eastern descent and traveling in a green sport utility vehicle without license plates. One may have a British accent. ... FR Reprint.

Russians Helping N. Korea Nukes

August 6, 2004
Russian scientists may be helping North Korea develop new missile systems designed to carry nuclear payloads.

That's according to a Bush administration official who doesn't want to be identified. The source says the missile program is based on Russian technology.

The official also says the technology's being tested by Iran, since North Korea has imposed its own test ban. ... FR Reprint.

Democrat Attempts to Create Chaos in Florida Election

August 5, 2004
Sen. Ron Klein urged Gov. Jeb Bush on Thursday to give voters in the 15 counties that use touch-screen voting machines the option of casting paper absentee ballots, a move that Palm Beach County's top elections official rejected as "the most absurd thing I've heard yet."

"We've got four optical scanner machines and 700 precincts," a clearly exasperated Supervisor of Elections Theresa LePore said. "How are we going to do it?"

Although residents of all of Florida's 67 counties can already cast their votes on paper by requesting an absentee ballot from their local elections supervisors, Klein, D-Delray Beach, said he wants voters to have the ability to cast the paper ballots from each precinct. ... FR Reprint.

Radical Cleric in Iraq Sets Off Day of Fighting, then backs off.

August 5, 2004
The radical Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr called for a national uprising against American and allied forces Thursday morning, then backed off near midnight after a day of fighting between his guerrillas and American and Iraqi troops. ... FR Reprint.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Kerry Stresses Government's Role in Helping Minorities (bashes Cosby)

August 5, 2004
John F. Kerry today said entertainer Bill Cosby's recent admonition that black Americans need to take greater personal responsibility for poor education and high crime was "excessively exclusive" and ignored the government's role in helping minorities. ... FR Reprint.

Saudis Arrested Their Most Wanted Terrorist

August 5, 2004
Saudi police reportedly arrested the kingdom's most wanted terrorist on Thursday, according to pan-Arab satellite TV station Al-Arabiya.

The Saudi-owned station reported late Thursday that police captured Faris Ahmed Jamaan Al Showeel al-Zahrani in Abha, a town 800 kilometers southwest of the capital, Riyadh. According to the Cable News Network, the Saudi Interior Ministry said an operation targeting the man was still going on.

Saudi authorities released a list of 26 most wanted terrorists following a series of bombings in Riyadh on May 12, 2003, that killed 26 people. On Nov. 8, another suicide attack on a Riyadh housing compound killed 17 people. About half of those on the most wanted list have either been killed or captured. ... FR Reprint.

Al-Qaeda suspects on run (5 more in the UK)

August 5, 2004
FIVE al-Qaeda militants were last night reported to be on the run in Britain after escaping capture in raids earlier this week. The five are said to be known to a man who is among 12 people being questioned by police in London following an anti-terrorism operation on Tuesday.

According to The Times, British security forces had been tracking the movements of the alleged main operative in Britain for some time. Yesterday police were granted another 72 hours to question the 12 men who were arrested on suspicion of plotting terrorism in the UK. ... FR Reprint.

What Kerry REALLY did on 9/11!

August 5, 2004
Listen, he wasn't president on Sept. 11, and I am not questioning his reflexes or reactions, but it is worth noting what Kerry did do on Sept. 11, 2001. Here's what he told Larry King: "...And as I came in [to a meeting in Sen. Daschle's office], Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid were standing there, and we watched the second plane come in to the building. And we shortly thereafter sat down at the table and then we just realized nobody could think, and then boom, right behind us, we saw the cloud of explosion at the Pentagon..." ...

And for noting: "It should be noted that the second plane hit the World Trade Center at 9:03 a.m., and the plane hit the Pentagon at 9:43 a.m. By Kerry's own words, he and his fellow senators sat there for forty minutes, realizing 'nobody could think.'" ... FR Reprint.

Olympic passes stolen in Athens

August 5, 2004
Ten days before the start of the Olympic Games, passes allowing vehicles into several venues, including the Olympic village, have been stolen.

A security source said the passes were taken from the windshields of unattended official vehicles. "Some people left the doors of their cars unlocked, and the thieves just came in and took the accreditations," he said.

It is not clear whether the thefts were opportunistic or part of a plot to breach the $1.6-billion security operation for the Games, which begin on Aug. 13. ... FR Reprint.

Catholic bishops unite on abortion & communion

August 5, 2004
Bishop Peter Jugis of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte united with church leaders in Charleston and Atlanta Wednesday to deny communion to Catholic politicians who support a woman's right to abortion.

In their statement, Bishop Robert Baker of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston, Archbishop John Donoghue of Atlanta and Jugis struck the latest chord in a debate sparked by the presidential candidacy of Sen. John Kerry -- a Catholic who supports abortion rights. ...

The three bishops are not the first to try to deny communion to politicians who support abortion rights. St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke raised the issue in January when he said he would refuse communion to Kerry. ... FR Reprint.

Terror Surveillance Author Nabbed

August 5, 2004
The al Qaeda operative who U.S. intelligence officials suspect wrote the surveillance reports on key financial institutions along the East Coast has been captured, reports CBS News Correspondent David Martin.

Abu Eisa al Hindi was one of 12 terror suspects arrested by British police earlier this week. An English speaker, al Hindi is described by U.S. officials as the chief of operations for al Qaeda in Great Britain and perhaps the U.S. as well. ... FR Reprint.

Keyes Plans To Accept Senate Nomination

August 5, 2004
Illinois Republicans have finally found their Keyes, a strong candidate they say can take on Democrat Barack Obama and lock up an Illinois U.S. Senate seat. Sources tell CBS 2 News that on Sunday Alan Keyes is expected to accept the Republican's offer to be their candidate. ... FR Reprint.

McCain: Hanoi Hilton Jailers Used Kerry Speech Against Us

August 5, 2004
Sen. John McCain attacked a group of Vietnam veterans on Thursday for their appearance in a campaign ad condemning Sen. John Kerry for betraying his fellow soldiers, calling the commercial "dishonest and dishonorable."

But McCain himself complained about Kerry-led anti-war protests when he was released from the infamous "Hanoi Hilton" 31 years ago. In piece he wrote for the May 14, 1973, issue of U.S. News & World Report, the POW-turned-senator charged that testimony by Kerry and others before J. William Fulbright's Senate Foreign Relations Committee was "the most effective propaganda [my North Vietnamese captors] had to use against us." FR Reprint.

Part IV: Terror in the Skies, Again?

August 5, 2004
The 14 Syrians on Northwest Airlines flight 327...To the dismay of many, it's the story that won't go away. The fact that a group of Syrian men acted in a way that terrified some passengers and caused a squad of federal officials to be called out to meet the plane upon landing is of interest to anyone who flies the friendly skies. And that is why this story won't just go away.

To read the update click here. FR Reprint.

Swift Boat Veterans For Truth Responds To Senator McCain

August 5, 2004
"Swift Boat Veterans for Truth has more than 250 members, many of whom were wounded or highly decorated in Vietnam.

We purchased with our blood and service the right to be heard, to set the record straight about our unit, and to tell the truth about John Kerry's military service record.

We respect Senator McCain's right to express his opinion and we hope he extends to us the same respect and courtesy, particularly since we served with John Kerry, we knew him well and Senator McCain did not." -- Rear Admiral Roy Hoffmann (ret.), Founder and Chairman of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. FR Reprint.

Kerry's More "Sensitive" War on Terror?

August 5, 2004
Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry told an audience in Washington, D.C. today that if elected he would wage "a more sensitive war on terror." ... FR Reprint.

Press Gaggle by Scott McClellan: White House Response to Swift Boat Ad

August 5, 2004
If you want to know what the White House really has to say about the Swiftboat Veterns ad, click here. FR Reprint.

SCARE TACTICS: Trying to Scare TV Stations Out of Airing Anti-Kerry Ad

August 5, 2004
Lawyers for the DNC and Kerry-Edwards sent this letter to television station managers, claiming the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth ad is "false" and "libelous." Click here for the full letter. FR Reprint.

DNC Religion Adviser Steps Down Amid Criticism

August 5, 2004
The Democratic National Committee's appointed religion adviser has resigned after a Catholic group criticized her for supporting an atheist's claim that the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional.

Rev. Brenda Bartella Peterson stepped down as the DNC's senior religion adviser, telling the Religion News Service that "it was no longer possible for me to do my job effectively." FR Reprint.

Iraq Survey Chief Duelfer: Saddam Was Developing Nukes

August 5, 2004
Saddam Hussein had an active nuclear weapons development program at the time of the U.S. invasion in March 2003, chief U.S. weapons inspector Charles Duelfer has told Congress.

In comments that received virtually no press coverage in the United States, Duelfer testified that Iraq was "preserving and expanding its knowledge to design and develop nuclear weapons." One Iraqi laboratory "was intentionally focused on research applicable for nuclear weapons development," the top weapons inspector said.

Duelfer's stunning assessment, delivered in March of this year, was first reported last week by renowned historian William Shawcross, in a column for Britain's Guardian newspaper. The former U.N. weapons inspector, who replaced David Kay as head of the CIA's Iraq Survey Group last year, said that Saddam was financing his nuclear program by misappropriating funds from the U.N.'s Oil-for-Food Program. ... FR Reprint.

New York Sun: Pro-Bush Jewish Group Starts Blog

August 5, 2004
A nonpartisan Jewish group calling for the re-election of President Bush because he is "best of Israel" took its message to the internet yesterday, opening a Web site with essays and a blog documenting the presidential candidates "stark differences" over the Palestinian crisis.

Jeff Stier, the New York nonprofit executive who started the site, said he got the idea during conversations with friends who said Israel was their biggest priority in electing a president. Mr. Stier says the site is designed to contrast Mr. Bush's defense of Israel with Senator Kerry's "lack of leadership and poor judgement."

In recent months, Mr. Kerry has backpealed from statements that have put him in hot water with pro-Israel groups. FR Reprint.

McCain condemns anti-Kerry ads, calls on White House to follow suit

August 5, 2004
Republican Sen. John McCain, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam, called an ad criticizing John Kerry's military service ''dishonest and dishonorable'' and urged the White House on Thursday to condemn it as well.

''It was the same kind of deal that was pulled on me,'' McCain said in an interview with The Associated Press, referring to his bitter Republican primary fight with President Bush. FR Reprint.

Viet Vets Charge: Kerry Killed Lone, Fleeing Teenage Foe; Lied To Superiors To Gain Medal

August 5, 2004
The charges against John Kerry continue to mount. To read the latest charges click here. FR Reprint.

Federal Agents Raid Mosque in Albany

August 5, 2004
Federal agents and Albany police raided a Muslim mosque overnight Wednesday and arrested two men for helping someone they thought was a terrorist, a law enforcement official confirmed to FOX News on Thursday.

A block of downtown Albany was sealed off with armed officers for several hours after the FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and other agents executed search warrants at the Masjid As-Salam mosque (search) and two Albany-area residences, officials said.

Yassin Muhhiddin Aref, 34, the Imam of the mosque, and Mohammed Mosharref Hoosain, the 49-year-old founder of the mosque, were arrested early Thursday morning. They are accused of reaching out to someone they thought was a terrorist trying to get a shoulder-fired missile to down planes in the United States.

FOX News learned from a law enforcement official, however, that that person was not a terrorist, and actually it was all a sting operation. The two men are accused of agreeing to help launder money to pay for the missile. FR Reprint.

Raid In Iraq Frees 4 Hostages

August 5, 2004
Fed up with rampant crime and kidnappings, a tribal chief in the turbulent city of Fallujah sent a group of vigilantes on a raid that freed four Jordanian hostages. Separate video from kidnappers that was aired on Al Jazeera television said two Turkish hostages also had been released. FR Reprint.

Sudanese forces 'directly involved in slaughter of civilians'

August 5, 2004
SUDANESE government forces are continuing to help the Janjaweed militia launch attacks on defenceless villagers in the Darfur region of Sudan despite international condemnation and pressure from the United Nations to bring an end to the bloodshed. ...

The fresh attacks came while the UN Security Council was debating whether it should impose sanctions against the Khartoum government if it failed to rein in the activities of the Janjaweed, the Arab militia which has been blamed for a campaign of ethnic cleansing targeted against the black African population of Darfur. FR Reprint.

LA Times: Kerry's Three-Faced Foreign Policy

August 5, 2004
Even the LA Times is having difficulty understanding John Kerry's foreign policy. Here are a few excerpts from Max Boot:
Figuring out in advance what any potential president will do is a difficult undertaking in the best of circumstances, because political rhetoric often has little in common with actual policy. ...

But prognostication is especially tough in Kerry's case. There are three main schools of American foreign policy: isolationism, idealism and realism. At various points in his career — sometimes at various points in the same speech — Kerry has championed all of them. ...

This muddle raises the question of whether Kerry has a worldview, or whether he merely goes wherever the political winds blow. Surely it's no coincidence that his stances track precisely mainstream Democratic opinion, which was isolationist in the 1970s and 1980s, idealistically interventionist in the 1990s and coldly realist since 2001. When the Democrats were split, as they were over Iraq in 2002 and 2003, he clumsily tried to appease both hawks and doves. Where he will wind up nobody knows — not even, I suspect, him. FR Reprint.

"Unfit For Command" reaches number one spot on!

August 5, 2004
John O'Neill's best seller (yet unpublished) reaches number one on the book best seller list! FR Reprint.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Mr. Multilateral

July 29, 2004
It is playing a key role in curbing and caging North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il. It played a key role in disarming Libya, discovering and rolling up the Pakistani A.Q. Khan nuclear smuggling network, and has become a framework for international military and police exercises organized by the United States. Its membership includes most of the world's largest economic powers, most of the world's largest military powers, and most of the most influential states on earth. The United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Russia, the Netherlands, France, Australia and Germany are among its 15 member states, and it is one of the pillars of the Bush administration's strategy to both win the war on terrorism and halt the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. As an organization set up to perform a mission that the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency have jointly failed, halting the spread of nuclear weapons, it has the potential of becoming an alternative to the UN itself in coming decades. Notably, all of its members to date are democracies.

But thanks to the media and Democrats who insist on portraying the Bush administration as "unilateral," you have probably never heard of it.

Called the Proliferation Security Initiative, this results-oriented alliance is now just over a year old. The work of the much maligned Under Secretary of State for Arms Proliferation and International Security John Bolton, PSI is already a great success in bringing nations that disagreed bitterly over the Iraq war together under one flag to deal with larger weapons proliferation issues, especially those relating to the Korean Peninsula. ...FR Reprint.

Iraq Coalition Vows No More Kidnap Concessions

August 4, 2004
The U.S.-led military coalition in Iraq vowed not to make any more concessions to kidnappers after the Philippines withdrew its troops to release a hostage, the United States said on Wednesday.

In an effort to present a united front against a wave of kidnappings, the United States issued a policy statement that it said was supported by the coalition hoping to send a message to hostage-takers they would not win their demands.

"We understand that conceding to terrorists will only endanger all members of the multinational force, as well as other countries who are contributing to Iraqi reconstruction and humanitarian assistance," the statement said. FR Reprint.

'Al Qaida agent' among suspects (captured in UK)

August 4, 2004
A senior al Qaida agent was among twelve men arrested in anti-terror raids across England on Tuesday, it has been reported.

The man was arrested as a result of intelligence gathered after a recent raid in Pakistan, according to newspaper and television reports.

According to the reports, the al Qaida figure was in the advanced stages of planning an attack on Heathrow Airport. FR Reprint.

Vietnam Vets Organization Blasts Kerry in New TV Ad

August 4, 2004
A scorching new television advertisement addressing Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's record in Vietnam that has been produced by Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth. The group is a non-partisan "527" organization whose membership is limited to former military officers and enlisted men who served in Vietnam on Navy Swift Boats or affiliated commands.

The group says, "Senator Kerry misrepresented his own actions and those of his fellow officers and men." Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is chaired by Rear Admiral Roy Hoffman, USN (ret), and includes on its steering committee John O'Neill, the naval officer who took over John Kerry's Swift Boat in Vietnam and who is the author Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry, an upcoming book from Regnery, a sister company of Human Events. In Unfit, O'Neill reports that what he learned convinced him -- and the majority of veterans who served directly with Kerry -- that "John Kerry was and is unfit for command as a Naval officer, let alone as commander in chief of the Untied States."

To view this must-see TV ad,
click here: Vietnam Vets Organization Blasts Kerry in New TV AdFR Reprint.

Kerry Asked to Leave Vietnam by Commanding Officer

August 4, 2004
Earlier this afternoon, John Kerry's former commanding officer in Vietnam, Lt. Thomas Wright told talk radio audiences of his personal first hand account of how he asked John Kerry to leave Vietnam after he knew Kerry had received enough purple hearts to ship out.

Wright told of how Kerry would frequently disobey orders and was a general nusiance to the operation of the Swift Boats.

Click Here for Audio from Kevin McCullough Show earlier this afternoon. FR Reprint.

Ex-POWs: North Vietnamese Jailers Used Kerry's 'War Crimes' Speech

August 4, 2004
Three Vietnam veterans who were held captive for years in the prison known as the "Hanoi Hilton" revealed Tuesday that their Communist jailers repeatedly cited John Kerry's 1971 Senate testimony branding them as war criminals to justify threatening them with execution and drive down their morale.

"These statements [by Kerry] ... were proof I deserved to be punished," former POW Air Force pilot Jim Warner told United Press International. During every interrogation session, said Warner, his Vietnamese jailers echoed Kerry's charges that he was a war criminal. "The memory of that was still pretty fresh in my mind, and I was extremely uneasy. ... This officer said I committed crimes, that this war was illegal. ... All along they told us they would execute us for our 'crimes.'" FR Reprint.

Sources: Al Qaeda may have made contact in U.S. recently

August 4, 2004
Intelligence found in Pakistan suggests that suspected al Qaeda operatives in that country contacted an individual or individuals in the United States in the past few months, according to two senior U.S. government sources. The officials would not characterize the nature of the communication.

But the sources said other information from Pakistan has prompted investigations in the United States to uncover whether there are any individuals or terrorist cells plotting an attack on U.S. soil. In addition, two senior Pakistani intelligence sources told CNN that there is evidence at least six individuals in the United States were contacted by Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan, an alleged al Qaeda operative who was recently taken into custody in Pakistan. U.S. officials have not confirmed that information.

White House press secretary Scott McClellan told reporters Aboard Air Force One that two intelligence streams "came to light more fully" last Friday. The first dealt with Khan and the other dealt with an undisclosed threat. ... He noted, "When you connect all these streams of intelligence, it paints an alarming picture." FR Reprint.

New Kerry Iraq Documentary Website

August 4, 2004
The RNC has a new website for the documentary of Kerry's flip-flops on the Iraq war, The documentary has been updated to include footage of Kerry's nomination acceptance speech. At the site, you can request a copy of the documentary to show to friends and neighbors, report on screenings of the documentary, get a transcript of the film, and submit a review. FR Reprint.

QE2 liner was terror target - report

August 4, 2004
The QE2 liner was among the targets selected by two South Africans -- captured in Pakistan along with a senior al-Qaida terrorist -- who were plotting attacks on tourist sites in their home country. ... "They were all very well trained terrorists because of the way they fought the gun battle and the way they engaged us for 12 hours. This is something no common man could have done," said Hussain.

A Lahore-based intelligence official said the men wanted to target tourist sites in Johannesburg, South Africa's commercial centre. The men are believed to have arrived in Pakistan on a flight from the United Arab Emirates just days before their arrest. Johannesburg newspaper, This Day, said the Queen Elizabeth 2 was a target that was supposed to be attacked when it arrived in Durban or Cape Town from Mauritius. FR Reprint.

Foreign Leaders Support Kerry

August 3, 2004
The Democrat presidential candidate is on record as saying, I've met foreign leaders who can't go out and say this publicly, but boy they look at you and say, you've got to win this you've got to beat this guy, we need a new policy . . . things like that. Well, I decided to find out to whom Sen. Kerry was referring. I went to Google. Everything was right there.

Sen. John Kerry was right! Nearly all of the prestigious foreign leaders want him to win. He is favored by Saddam Hussein, Jacque Chirac, Gerhard Schroeder, Jose Luis Rodriquez Zapatero, Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, Kim Jong-il, and drum roll please -- just last week, Kerry has gained the support of the largest political party in the world. Communist China has endorsed.

He also has the support of General Vo Nguyen Giap, age 92. The North Vietnamese general in charge of the military campaign that finally drove the U.S. out of South Vietnam in 1975 credited a group led by Kerry with helping him achieve victory. In his 1985 memoir about the war, Giap wrote that if it weren't for organizations like Kerry's Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Hanoi would have surrendered to the U.S.

Things get even bleaker for the Republicans. Some 1,500 Hollywood luminaries and executives are supporting Kerry. Among them are Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Moore (I heard he is being considered for either Secretary of State or propaganda minister), Kerry's anti-war ally, Hanoi Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Barbra Streisand, Meryl Streep, Al Franken and Chevy Chase. FR Reprint.

Judge in Seattle Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage in Washington State

Aug 4, 2004
Gay couples can be married under Washington state law, because denying their right to do so is a violation of their constitutional rights, a judge ruled Wednesday. "The denial to the plaintiffs of the right to marry constitutes a denial of substantive due process," King County Superior Court Judge William L. Downing said in his ruling.

His decision is stayed until the state Supreme Court reviews the case, meaning no marriage licenses can be issued until then, said Jennifer Pizer, lead counsel in the case for Lambda Legal Defense in the case. "Judge Downing saw the couples in the courtroom and he's recognized that they are full and equal citizens of Washington. No more and no less," Pizer said. FR Reprint.

Jail Guard Let Moussaoui Use Cell Phone

August 4, 2004
WMAL-AM in Washington, D.C. reports that a possible security breach has happened regarding jailed Al-Qaeda suspect Zacarias Moussaoui.

An investigation has been launched into reports that a jail guard repeatedly allowed Massaoui to use his cell phone. Moussaoui is being held in Alexandria, Virginia near the federal courthouse where his trial proceedings take place. FR Reprint.

Nearly 3,000 Pounds Of Ammonium Nitrate Stolen In N.C.

August 4, 2004
Nearly 3,000 pounds of stolen ammonium nitrate are unaccounted for in North Carolina, even as the U.S. braces itself against a possible al Qaeda truck bomb attack.

Two and a half tons of ammonium nitrate were stolen from a Royster-Clark fertilizer plant in Winston-Salem, N.C. in early July, according to the Winston-Salem Police Department, consisting of one hundred 50-pound bags.

Mixed with fuel oil, ammonium nitrate is a favored ingredient used in al Qaeda truck bombs. ... Dozens of similar 50-pound bags were purchased by Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh for use in the Oklahoma City bombing. FR Reprint.

Kerry Sneaks in Fancy Food

August 4, 2004 | Dick Johnson
AT the same time they posed for pictures chomping down on fast food at Wendy's, John Kerry and John Edwards — the wealthiest presidential ticket of all time — had gourmet box lunches waiting for them in their bus.

The Kerry/Edwards photo-op campaign stop at Wendy's in upstate Newburgh, N.Y., last Friday included lots of blue-collar flesh-pressing and autograph-signing — but very little eating.

The reason? A member of the Kerry/Edwards advance team had ordered much fancier fare the night before from posh Nikola's Restaurant at the Newburgh Yacht Club at a cost of about $200, the Mid-Hudson News reports. FR Reprint.

In defence of the intelligence services

July 29, 2004
The committees of inquiry into American and British intelligence failures may have left the West less secure, argues Efraim Halevy [Mossad chief 1998-02]:, an ex-chief of Mossad.

To read the entire article click here. FR Reprint.

Election official: More time needed to count military ballots

August 3, 2004
Thousands of votes from U.S. troops overseas could go uncounted again in November without emergency legislation extending deadlines for the ballots, a Chicago election official warned President Bush in a letter Tuesday.
Nearly 30 percent of military voters who requested ballots in 2000 didn't get them in time to vote. Theresa M. Petrone, a Democratic member of Chicago's three-person Board of Election Commissioners, told Bush the problem could be solved if he proposed emergency legislation giving election officials up to 14 days after Election Day to collect and count ballots. ...

"Every election cycle, election authorities such as Chicago receive military absentee ballots days or even weeks after the deadline, thus disqualifying these votes from being included in the election tally," Petrone wrote. "With hundreds of thousands of military personnel serving overseas, the voting bloc obviously could determine the outcome of our next presidential election." FR Reprint.

Al-Qaeda computer whizz was top terror planner: security official

August 4, 2004
The Pakistani Al-Qaeda computer expert captured last month was one of the terror network's top planners with a five million dollar bounty on his head and had plotted to attack London's Heathrow airport, a senior security official said.

Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan, 25, alias Abu Talha, arrested in the eastern city of Lahore on July 12, "is in the top hierarchy of Al-Qaeda's external operations wing," a security official closely involved in Pakistan's latest Al-Qaeda swoop told AFP. Khan had not only been creating websites and secret email codes for Al-Qaeda operatives to communicate with each other, he had also actively plotted terror attacks, the official said on condition of anonymity. FR Reprint.

Al-Sadr's Militia Kidnaps Iraqi Officers

August 4, 2004
Radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's militia has kidnapped 18 Iraqi police officers in hopes of using them as leverage to force authorities to free detained militants, police said Tuesday.

The recent kidnappings took place as al-Sadr aides accused authorities of trying to arrest top officials from the cleric's Mahdi Army. The new tensions appear to threaten a fragile cease-fire between the Mahdi Army and Iraqi authorities. FR Reprint.

FBI fears Qaeda suspects in city-Believe Terrorists Recently Updated Files

August 4, 2004
The FBI is monitoring suspected Al Qaeda operatives and members of two allied terror groups in the New York City area, the FBI's New York director said yesterday.

Law enforcement sources also said there are indications that the terrorists who cased financial towers in New York, Newark and Washington may have updated their files as recently as this spring.

Pasquale D'Amuro, director of the FBI's New York office and a veteran terrorism investigator, said the individuals under scrutiny here include people linked to Al Qaeda as well as Ansar al Islam and the Egyptian Islamic Jihad. FR Reprint.

Gruesome experiments on political prisoners?

August 4, 2004
Charges by a defector that North Korea forced him to perform gruesome experiments using chemical weapons on political prisoners will be officially ignored by South Korea.

Seoul will not confront Pyongyang over claims by the North Korean scientist because the charges might hurt relations between the two countries, a senior official at the Unification Ministry said. "It's hard to check the authenticity of the North Korean defector's allegation,'' the unnamed official told the Korea Times on condition of anonymity. "But unless the claims can be clarified, we will not take up the issue with North Korea.'' FR Reprint.

Man says he didn't mean to board plane with gun, knife

August 2, 2004
Ali Reza Khatami, 65, was arrested June 24 when the .38-caliber pistol and 3.5-inch knife were found during a security screening, Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Staples said. He had been preparing to board a United Airlines flight to Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. Defense attorney Ben Wasserman said at Khatami's bail hearing last month that his client had forgotten he was carrying the weapons. He said his client was on his way to Virginia to sell some property.

Khatami told authorities he had planned to put the gun and knife in his bag to take them to a safe in his garage, but didn't remember. Then he planned to leave them at his son's house, he said, but he was in such a rush that he forgot again. Staples said Khatami was a danger because he had given inconsistent statements to investigators. Staples said the gun had been packed into an oven mitt, which he described as "essentially a low-tech silencer." FR Reprint.

Missouri voters approve gay marriage ban

August 4, 2004
Missouri voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment Tuesday to ban gay marriage, the first such vote since the historic ruling in Massachusetts last year that legalized same-sex weddings there.

Although the ban was widely expected to pass in conservative Missouri, experts said the campaign served as a key barometer for which strategies work as the gay marriage battle spreads to ballot boxes around the nation. At least nine other states, and perhaps as many as 12, will vote on similar amendments this year.

The amendment had garnered 70 percent of the vote with 91 percent of precincts reporting. FR Reprint.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Putin slashes Soviet-era benefits

August 03, 2004
Russian President Vladimir Putin's public approval ratings have plummeted since he began abolishing Soviet-era free services, The Washington Post reports.

Putin has targeted such benefits as free public transportation, free medication and cut-rate vacations for retirees, war veterans and people deemed "socially vulnerable" by the former Soviet Union, which crumbled in 1991. FR Reprint.

Gay Marriage Issue Could Tip Some Black Votes to Bush

August 3, 2004
"Same-sex marriage goes against everything that the Bible teaches," said Vicki Britt, a longtime Democratic voter who attends Mount Airy Church of God in Christ here. She said she is strongly considering supporting Bush in November, "even though I feel some things Bush has done are wrong. ... He's against same-sex marriage." ...

The congregation, black clergy and national pollsters said they would be surprised if Kerry gets as many votes as Al Gore did against Bush four years ago. Current polls indicate Kerry will probably receive at least 80 percent of the black vote; Gore received 90 percent in 2000. ...

"The same-sex marriage issue is going to make some people think whether they're going to switch their vote over," said Bishop Ernest Morris, Mount Airy's pastor. "It has been talked about in my congregation." ...

In a Gallup Poll from May, 72 percent of black Americans surveyed said they opposed granting the same legal recognition for same-sex marriages as for traditional marriages. The corresponding figure for the general population was 59 percent. FR Reprint.


August 2, 2004
Were the Madrid bombings part of a new, far-reaching jihad being plotted on the Internet?

I can't directly post New Yorker material, but this piece is worth reading. Click here to read it on the New Yorker web page. FR Reprint.

John Kerry Sidesteps Abortion Comment, Says Unborn a "Form of Life"

August 2, 2004
In an interview with the Associated Press on Friday, Kerry reiterated his support for the so-called right to abortion, but seemingly changed his position on the beginning of life.

Asked whether he thought abortion constituted the taking of human life, Kerry said that an unborn child is a "form of life.''

"The Bible itself - I mean, everything talks about different layers of development," Kerry said. "That's what Roe v Wade does. It talks about viability. It's the law of the land.'' Kerry's comments drew guffaws from pro-life advocates. FR Reprint.

1984 Flashback: Convention bounce puts Mondale even with Reagan

July 23, 1984
Conducted at the end of the Democratic National Convention last week, the Newsweek-Gallup Poll of 1,006 registered voters showed 48 percent supporting Mondale and his vice-presidential nominee, Rep. Geraldine A. Ferraro (D-N.Y.), 46 percent favoring Reagan and Vice President Bush, and 6 percent undecided.

The 2 percent difference is insignificant, since the poll has a 4 percent margin of error. While it is normal for a candidate to score well with the public after his party's convention, the poll reflected a large turnaround. ... FR Reprint.

Pakistan Lets Taliban Train, Prisoner Says

August 3, 2004
For months Afghan and American officials have complained that even while Pakistan cooperates in the fight against Al Qaeda, militant Islamic groups there are training fighters and sending them into Afghanistan to attack American and Afghan forces.

Pakistani officials have rejected the allegations, saying they are unaware of any such training camps. Now the Afghan government has produced a young Pakistani, captured fighting with the Taliban in southern Afghanistan three months ago, whose story would seem to back its complaints about Pakistan. FR Reprint.

Bush Announces Initiative to Help Minority Entrepreneurs

August 3, 2004
President Bush unveiled a new initiative to support minority entrepreneurship at his address to the National Urban League. Sadly, it appears that this announcement got lost in the politics of the day by a media uninterested in any of the real substantial public policy differences in this race.

Imagine that. The media ignored a major substantive initiative introduced by the Bush administration. What makes this particularly troublesome is that this is a program that tackles the problems of minority economic development with a self-sustaining approach, bringing together existing non-profits with the private sector. It creates a network to provide education, training, and access to key resources for minority entrepreneurs. These are the key elements that have proven to work for entrepreneurial economic development. FR Reprint.

UN's Latest Move on Net Governance Triggers Alarm Bells

August 2, 2004 has a disturbing report on the latest steps the United Nations is taking in the area of Internet governance.

The UN's World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) recently completed a meeting (PrepCom-1) in Hammamet, Tunisia in preparation for the second phase of the WSIS process. Following the meeting, the Secretariat of WSIS' Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) issued a statement discussing the organization's plans and goals. says that means the UN-appointed group "will have, in essence, free reign to involve themselves in and make recommendations regarding virtually every aspect of the internet, including content." FR Reprint.

Anti-Kerry Vets Gather for Assault: Book Claims Kerry War 'Fabrications'

August 3, 2004

A veterans group seeking to deeply discredit Democrat John Kerry's military service will charge in the new bombshell book UNFIT FOR DUTY:

Two of John Kerry's three Purple Heart decorations resulted from self-inflicted wounds, not suffered under enemy fire. All three of Kerry's Purple Hearts were for minor injuries, not requiring a single hour of hospitalization. A "fanny wound" was the highlight of Kerry's much touted "no man left behind" Bronze Star.

Kerry turned the tragic death of a father and small child in a Vietnamese fishing boat into an act of "heroism" by filing a false report on the incident. Kerry entered an abandoned Vietnamese village and slaughtered the domestic animals owned by the civilians and burned down their homes with his Zippo lighter.

Kerry's reckless behavior convinced his colleagues that he had to go -- becoming the only Swift Boat veteran to serve only four months. ...

UNFIT FOR DUTY will not be released until August 15. The names. The details. All on the record. FR Reprint.

Unusual illegal border crossing draws attention of U.S. officials

August 3, 2004
Authorities in California were on the lookout Tuesday for a man believed to be from the Middle East who paid a higher-than-usual smuggling fee to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, but officials said the case had no connection to terrorism. ...

The man, who was not identified, entered the United States Monday near Tecate, Mexico - a small border crossing station about 70 miles east of San Diego. It was unclear how he crossed the border. Once across, the man got into a Ford F150 pickup, according to a witness who alerted U.S. immigration officials. Agents said they believed the information to be credible, Mack said.

The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement learned the man had paid more than the typical $1,500 to $2,000 smuggling fee and notified the California Highway Patrol, which put out a "soft lookout" - a lower-priorty alert - for the Interstate 5 corridor. ... The man got into a 2000 Ford pickup with California plates, Mack said. Department of Motor Vehicle records show the plate was registered to a Yolanda Rodriguez. The vehicle was believed to be headed to Northern California. FR Reprint.

UK Al Qaeda: Alarm comes after terror group member is interrogated

August 3, 2004
BRITAIN’S security forces were yesterday put on "heightened readiness" for a potential terrorist attack, after detailed al-Qaeda plans to attack UK targets were uncovered.

The plans, discovered by Pakistani and CIA intelligence officers interrogating an al-Qaeda member in Pakistan... In a sign of the gravity of the threat, US officials took the unusual step of revealing the names of the companies and organisations that could be targeted.

Among them was Citigroup, a US investment bank with offices in Edinburgh and London. A company spokeswoman confirmed yesterday that the bank’s British staff had been "made aware" of increased security precautions following the threat. Another bank listed as a potential target, Prudential Financial, also has subsidiaries based in London. ...

Mr Ridge insisted that the intelligence that triggered the operation was more troubling than most reports about suspected al-Qaeda activity.

"This is not the usual chatter," he said. "This is multiple sources that involve extraordinary detail. Everyone that has reviewed the sources has concluded this was as reliable a group of sources as we have ever seen before." FR Reprint.

Iraqi's Army's 4th Battalion Deploys To Baghdad

August 3, 2004
The Iraqi Intervention Forces' 4th Battalion was deployed to a southern Baghdad base this week for stability and support operations in the city as part of the Iraqi government's continued effort to provide security to the nation.

The unit had previously spent several months at the Taji Military Training Base north of Baghdad in special military operations in urban terrain training. The Iraqi Intervention Force is the branch of the Iraqi Army specifically trained in counterinsurgency operations. "It's a significant development," Coalition Military Training Assistance Team, Chief of Staff, Army Col. Jim Mulvenna said. ... FR Reprint. Update: also the 5th Batallion deploys.

Cheney Blames Democrats for Gas Prices

August 3, 2004
Vice President Dick Cheney said Tuesday that rising consumption and decreasing domestic production have led to high gasoline prices but also blamed his Democratic opponents and their opposition to the Bush administration's energy policies. The Bush-Cheney campaign accuses Senate Democrats of blocking a Bush energy plan that would increase petroleum drilling and energy conservation and provide new tax breaks and other incentives to spur exploration and production.

"John Kerry and John Edwards (news - web sites) voted no," Cheney said. "It's another area where I think there is a significant difference." Cheney advocated increasing domestic oil production in wildlife areas in Alaska and other regions that are off-limits to development.

"We have put ourselves into a box. The only thing I can think of to do is to keep pushing for a comprehensive energy policy," he said. "We are at the mercy of those international oil prices." FR Reprint.

Kerry's Dubious Economics- new jobs are paying less. That's not a fact.

August 3, 2004
In his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention July 29 Kerry repeated a claim that the economy is creating jobs that pay $9,000 a year less than those they replace. He bases that on disputed analysis from a liberal think tank.

In fact, economists disagree about whether jobs are getting worse or better. As we said before, there's evidence both ways. Even some Democratic economists say the economic numbers are simply too rough and contradictory to allow any conclusion about the direction of change, let alone about how much less or more the new jobs pay.

Kerry also said "wages are falling" when in fact they are increasing. It's true wages haven't kept up with inflation for the past several months. But even after adjusting for inflation they're still higher than when Bush took office.

And when Kerry said the "middle class is shrinking," he was referring to what happened in the recession of 2001 and the initially slow recovery of 2002. But the economy has picked up considerably in the 19 months since, so what was true then may be untrue when phrased in present tense. ... FR Reprint.

Ridge defends new terror warning

August 3, 2004
US homeland security chief Tom Ridge says it was essential to raise security alerts in some cities after analysing information on possible al-Qaeda plans. Mr Ridge said security had made it more difficult for terrorists, but vowed: "We will not become Fortress America."

Warnings were issued on Sunday from what was said to be "new" information, though officials now say al-Qaeda gathered it up to four years ago. But some of it may have been updated as recently as January of this year. FR Reprint.

Two Senior Al-Qaida Suspects Arrested in Pakistan, Including Two Wanted by United States

August 3, 2004
Pakistani authorities have arrested two high-ranking al-Qaida terrorists - one with a multimillion-dollar U.S. bounty on his head - in a days-long sweep that has netted at least six suspected militants, officials said Tuesday. ... FR Reprint.

Chinese Communists Endorse Kerry

August 3, 2004
John Kerry has gained the support of the largest political party in the world. The official online news outlet for communist China, the People's Daily, endorsed the Senator from Massachusetts for President of the United States. FR Reprint.

Suspicious activity may have been ignored

August 3, 2004
A man from Vernon was recently driving through New York when he saw something suspicious but when he called police to alert them he says no one seemed to care. ...

He was waiting in traffic at the approach to the George Washington Bridge when he noticed three men in the car next to him with a camera.

"I came across a vehicle sitting across from us in traffic, with three middle eastern looking men in it, with a very small palm video camera," said Maney, "We sat across from them for a minimum of 20 minutes and the entire time they were filming structures of the tunnels and the bridge."

Once the men spotted Maney watching, they appeared to become suspicious of him. "The first time they saw me he instantly put the camera down in his lap and rolled the window up," he said." And every time he got a car length in front of me the camera came back out and he went back to filming."

Maney says he dialed 911 from his cell and he expected a big response. "We figured the bridge would be shut down with the information I gave them," he said.

Maney says he gave dispatchers a description of the vehicle and a license plate number, but the calls made little progress because no one was sure who was supposed to respond. .... FR Reprint.

NSC Source: Terror Attack to Be in Early September

August 3, 2004
More financial institutions than previously disclosed may be at risk of attack and an Al Qaeda operative has told British intelligence that the groups target date is early September, intelligence sources said yesterday.

The operative, described as credible by British intelligence, told his debriefers that the attack would take place '60 days before the US presidential election' on November 2, according to a former National Security Council official.

On September 2 President Bush is expected to address the Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden. Counter terrorism officials are analyzing data from a computer siezed in Pakistan last month to see if financial instutions in addition to the five disclosed last Sunday are at risk of attack, US officials said yesterday.

A US official familiar with the ongoing analysis of the computer said, 'There are reference to other buildings in the Al Qaeda computer data including a picture of the Bank of America building in San Francisco. 'There is mention of other places.' FR Reprint.

North Korean Missiles Threaten U.S. - Janes

August 3, 2004
North Korea is deploying two new missile systems which could enable it to threaten the continental United States for the first time, Jane’s Defence Weekly reported today.

American officials had previously claimed that North Korea was developing missiles, based on the Soviet submarine-launched SSN6, which were capable of hitting the United States. Jane’s said the new missiles, apparently based on SSN6, have a range of 1,500 miles or more.

“The submarine-launched ballistic missile or ship-mounted version of this new system is potentially the most threatening,” Jane’s reported. “It would fundamentally alter the missile threat posed by the DPRK and could finally provide its leadership with something that it has long sought to obtain – the ability to directly threaten the continental US.” FR Reprint.

French showing F/9/11 for free; in Nicaragua

August 3, 2004
France is showing F/9/11 in Nicaragua for free. It will start with a viewing at the French alliance building, in the city of Leon; admission is FREE. FR Reprint.

Many Potential Terrorist Attacks In U.S. Thwarted By Bush Administration

August 3, 2004
U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris said Monday that the United States has "literally defeated 100 (potential) terrorist attacks on this country" in the past three years, some of which could have been as deadly as the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center. ...

In an interview after the speech, Harris said she learned from classified information about the 100 potential attacks that have been thwarted since 9/11. "Actually, it's been more than 100," she said. "It's classified … obviously not classified to me … but things I can't go into detail about." FR Reprint.

Building Plot an Inside Job: Al Qaeda moles

August 3, 2004
Investigators suspect terrorist moles worked at the Citigroup and Prudential buildings to case the skyscrapers as potential targets of car or truck bombs, The Post has learned.

And now federal agents want to comb through employee records of the businesses that operate in the buildings to try to identify the moles, law-enforcement sources said yesterday. The feds suspect that the extraordinarily detailed information about the skyscrapers — which was discovered on an al Qaeda computer in Pakistan — was compiled by accomplices who had time to study Citigroup's 59-story building at Lexington Avenue and 53rd Street and Prudential's building in Newark from the inside, the sources said.

Officials who examined the information concluded that the most recent surveillance of the buildings was done in January. There was additional surveillance last year, a law-enforcement source said. FR Reprint.

More Al-Qaida Arrests in Pakistan

Aug 3 2004
Several more arrests of al-Qaida suspects have been made in Pakistan in the past several days, including one man arrested trying to leave the country from an airport in the eastern city of Lahore, and another arrested in a nearby town, police said.

The arrests were all made in the last 72 hours and the suspects were being interrogated, the government official said in Islamabad. One of the men arrested identified himself as a Syrian named Juma Ibrahim. He was taken in on Sunday in Hafizabad, a town near Lahore, said district police chief Aslam Ghauri.

He said the man told authorities that he was in the town for business, but had no references and could not say who he was meeting with, Ghauri said. FR Reprint.

Pelosi meets with group tied to HAMAS

August 3, 2004
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California has called for an end to racial and religious profiling of Muslims in a meeting with a group tied to Hamas and Saudi Arabian purse strings.

"We appreciate the opportunity to interact with national leaders and to share the Muslim community's concerns on issues of mutual concern," said Arsalan Iftikhar, legal director of the Council on American Islamic Relations, who joined Pelosi and other prominent Democratic members of Congress. ...

While CAIR bills itself as the leading civil rights group among Muslim-Americans, it is a spin-off of the Islamic Association For Palestine, identified as a "front group" for Hamas by two ex-FBI counterterrorism chiefs. FR Reprint.

U.N. receives Muslim 'apostasy' petition

August 3, 2004
A major international petition calling on Islamic leaders to allow Muslims to convert to another faith was presented to the United Nations.

The petition, signed by 88,890 people from 32 countries, says "Muslims who choose to convert to another faith" should be "free to do so without having to face a lifetime of fear as a result."

Under Sharia, or Islamic law, Muslims who convert to another faith and refuse to repent must be put to death. FR Reprint.

Monday, August 02, 2004

D.C. journalists favor Kerry 12 to 1

August 3, 2004
The New York Times conducted an informal poll of journalists at the recent Democratic convention that showed they favor John Kerry for president over President Bush by 3 to 1, while reporters based in Washington, D.C., support the Massachusetts senator by 12 to 1.

Times columnist John Tierney said the poll was prompted by complaints by conservatives "that journalists' liberal bias has colored the reviews of the Democratic convention and his speech."

Tierney said the Times got anonymous answers from 153 journalists during a press party at the convention. FR Reprint.

DNC’S new religion advisor wants "Under God" Out of the pledge

August 2, 2004
On July 23, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Terry McAuliffe announced the appointment of Rev. Brenda Bartella Peterson as the Senior Advisor for Religious Outreach; she is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Commenting on her selection is Catholic League president William Donohue:

“Terry McAuliffe says that the appointment of Rev. Peterson as the new Senior Advisor for Religious Outreach ‘reflects the DNC’s commitment to reaching all people of faith’; he also notes that she ‘will act as liaison to religious organizations.’ Upon learning of this appointment, we decided to find out who this woman is. And what we found will make people of every faith wonder whether McAuliffe and the DNC have totally lost their senses.

Rev. Brenda Bartella Peterson was one of thirty-two clergy members to file an amicus curiae brief in behalf of Michael Newdow’s attempt to excise the words ‘under God’ from the Pledge of Allegiance. FR Reprint.

Zarqawi trying to get message to Bin Laden - courier intercepted in Iraq with message

August 2, 2004
Jordanian terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, believed responsible for a series of attacks, kidnappings and beheadings in Iraq, has been trying to communicate with Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden, a senior defense official tells FOX News.

Within the past several days, the anonymous defense official said, a courier had been intercepted inside Iraq bearing a message from Zarqawi to bin Laden. The official would not reveal the contents of the message or exactly when and where its bearer had been found. ... FR Reprint.

Zarqawi is along Iraq-Iran border

August 2 2004
Abu Mussib Al Zarqawi, regarding as the leading foreign insurgent in Iraq, was believed to be shuttling between Iran and Iraq. "Much of the time he is in Iran, where he has been given safe haven," an intelligence source said. "The United States won't cross the Iranian border to get him."

The sources said Al Zarqawi was last seen in the Iraqi town of Dour in the area of Baghdad on June 18, where he held a meeting with a senior aide to deposed President Saddam Hussein, Izzat Ibrahim Douri. Douri, regarded as a major financier of the Sunni insurgency, was said to have provided the Al Qaida-aligned insurgent with a large amount of weapons and equipment. From Al Dour, Al Zarqawi traveled to Iran and was said to have been in Marivan in northern Iran through late July. FR Reprint.

Nancy Reagan Strongly Endorses George Bush

August 2, 2004
In a statement made Monday to, Nancy Reagan said she was strongly endorsing President Bush's re-election and rejected a published Internet report that she was not backing his re-election.

Joanne Drake, the chief of staff for former President Ronald Reagan’s office in Los Angeles, said in a statement on behalf of the former first lady, “Mrs. Reagan supports President Bush’s re-election 150 percent.” Published reports have suggested that Mrs. Reagan was unhappy with President Bush for his opposition to taxpayer-funded stem cell research that kills human embryos, which Mrs. Reagan has supported after her husband’s long bout with Alzheimer’s disease. FR Reprint.

Israeli Cabinet mulls leaving Jerusalem's Arab districts outside barrier

August 2, 2004
Cabinet mulls leaving capital's Arab districts outside barrier. Considered a possible security risk, Arab residents of north and east Jerusalem may find themselves living on opposite side of security fence. ... FR Reprint.

'There are no journalists in the Arab world,'

July 29, 2004

"'There are no journalists in the Arab world,' the editor of one of the Arabic papers said to me when I asked him why [his paper] was not covering a particular journalistic story. I heard the exact same complaint from one publisher who said, 'We have authors, but no journalists.' ...

"The first [problem] is that our culture is not like the Catholic culture that emphasizes confession, particularly when the individual has sinned. Likewise, an individual confessing a crime against himself or others [is considered] unacceptable among us. We raise our sons [with the belief] that it is not manly to confess, to cry, or to acknowledge that repression and oppression have broken an individual's determination and perhaps damaged his masculinity.

"Our newspapers will focus only on heroic deeds and overcoming difficulties. This is praiseworthy. But there are many personal defeats, retreats, and torments, and we must let those who have experienced them talk about them. This requires change in the newspaper culture, or in the so-called newsroom culture. ...

US factories enter longest stretch of rapid growth in 30 years

August 2, 2004
The American manufacturing sector sped up activity in July, cementing the longest stretch of rapid growth in more than 30 years, a survey showed. FR Reprint.

US Troops Surround Al Sadr House

August 2, 2004
US troops have surrounded the home of wanted Shi'ite Muslim radical leader Moqtada al Sadr in the Iraqi city of Najaf, according to reports. FR Reprint.

Justice Launches Investigation Into Missing Iraq Billion

August 1, 2004
The Justice Department has launched an urgent investigation after U.S. civilian authorities in Baghdad failed to keep track of more than a $1 billion, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Investigators have found multiple examples of fraud and abuse in millions of dollars worth of contracts to rebuild Iraq that used U.S. taxpayer and Iraqi funds.Word of the Justice Department investigation spread throughout official Washington late Sunday. FR Reprint.

Iraqi Army Activates 7th Battalion

August 2, 2004
The Iraqi army's 7th Battalion was activated Aug. 1 with the basic training completion and graduation of 723 training recruits in a ceremony at the Kirkush Military Training Base east of Baghdad, concluding the stand-up of the army's fifth fully-manned and trained battalion.

It also completes the Iraqi army's 3rd Brigade of the 5th Division - the first full Iraqi army brigade to complete training. The army will ultimately consist of 27 battalions, nine brigades and three divisions. FR Reprint.

Kerry missed 38 of 49 intelligence committee public hearings in 8 years

August 2, 2004
Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry missed most of the public hearings of the Senate Intelligence Committee during his eight years on the panel, according to his colleagues.

During his tenure on the committee, which provides oversight of national intelligence agencies, Kerry was absent for 38 of 49 public hearings, according to Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga. FR Reprint.

Kerry's & Edward's New Book Coming Out Today

August 2, 2004
Kerry Campaign Manager and Policy Advisors to Discuss New Book - "Our Plan for America: Stronger at Home, Respected in the World"

On Monday, August 2, at 12:30 PM EDT, Kerry Campaign Manager Mary Beth Cahill, Senior Advisor for National Security Affairs Dr. Susan Rice and Policy Advisor Bruce Reed will hold a conference call with reporters to discuss John Kerry and John Edwards' new book, "Our Plan for America: Stronger at home, Respected in the World." FR Reprint.

Kerry's Arafat Yes-Man

August 1, 2004
Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry’s newly appointed Middle East advisor, Martin Indyk, has been working for years to garner American support for Yasser Arafat and his terrorist regime. As the Middle East Advisor to the Clinton administration, Indyk managed to help Arafat wrest complete control over the Palestinian people through deceit and subterfuge. And now, if he gets his way, American troops may find themselves in the middle of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip-providing cover for Hamas and Palestinian Jihad. FR Reprint.

Terrorism Suspects Traced to Iran

August 1, 2004
"When the Iranian government says it is not dealing with Al Qaeda, it is telling the truth," said Mustafa Alani of the Royal United Services Institute, a think tank affiliated with the British Defense Ministry. "It's not the government — it's the Revolutionary Guard.

"We are talking about an ideological army, not just an intelligence service, and the politicians really have no power over them. There is some sort of tactical alliance with Al Qaeda in which the Revolutionary Guard turns a blind eye toward the activity in Iran." ...

As Al Qaeda geared up three years ago for its offensive on the West, Iran was a busy route to training camps in Afghanistan, investigators say. In a March 10, 2001, conversation wiretapped by Italian police, a member of a terrorist cell in Milan said associates passing through Iran had nothing to fear, according to the transcript in court documents.

"Isn't there a danger in Iran?" asked a Tunisian named Tarek Charaabi, who was later convicted on terrorism-related charges. "No, because there's an organization that takes care of helping the mujahedin brothers cross the border. There's total collaboration with the Iranians," responded a Libyan named Lased ben Heni. ...

"Our cases showed that Iran was the preferred trampoline for the militants bound for Iraq," a high-ranking Italian investigator said. FR Reprint.

UK: 'Americans will not love him'

August 2, 2004
"John Kerry is not Bill Clinton. He does not flatter or enthrall the nation; he offers them the Vietnam veteran, the patriot and the thoughtful leader. The American public will not love him, but perhaps they will vote for him on November 2 ... Mr Kerry may profit from the slogan 'ABB' - Anybody But Bush - but make no mistake: he will not be able to follow a greatly different foreign policy. FR Reprint.