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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Use of altered passports still abounds after 9/11

August 1, 2004
Some recent cases of terrorists using doctored passports to plot attacks:

• LIONEL DUMONT: A French citizen accused of setting up a terror cell in Japan beginning as early as March 2002, Dumont entered Japan on a fake French passport and worked as a car salesman in 2002-03.Reportedly made several trips to Europe and Asia before leaving Japan for Malaysia in September 2003. Was arrested in Germany in December and extradited to France in early May.

• IHSAN GARNAOUI: German prosecutors allege the Tunisian al-Qaeda suspect got orders to plan attacks in Germany and recruit help after training at one of Osama bin Laden’s camps in Afghanistan in 2001. Allegedly returned to Germany in January 2003 with the help of a forged Portuguese passport and reportedly has told investigators he had a number of South African passports.

• HAMBALI: The Southeast Asian terrorist mastermind and regional al-Qaeda leader, who goes by only one name, reportedly had a fake Spanish passport that portrayed him as a well-groomed businessman when he was arrested last year in Thailand.

• IBRAHIM ALI ABUBAKER TANTOUSH: The Libyan national sought by his homeland on charges that he is an al-Qaeda financier was arrested in February in South Africa for allegedly carrying a fake South African passport. FR Reprint.


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