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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

US wants ships within 2000 miles to check in

August 11, 2004
Eager to expand its reach in the war on terror, the United States wants new global rules to make all ships within 3200km of a country's shores identify themselves and give their location, the head of the Coast Guard said on Tuesday.

Under current international tracking regulations, ships must be equipped with an identification system by December 2004 that broadcasts their position and other information when they come within about 80km of a country's coast. ...

If the 3200km extension goes into effect, ships in the Caribbean, much of Central America, parts of South America and Canada, as well as swathes of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans would have to broadcast identification information, which US authorities could pick up. ...

[T]he Coast Guard now requires 96 hours notice of a ship's arrival, up from 24 hours previously. This gives the agency more time to vet information on the cargo and crew. Since September 11, the Coast Guard has also been given access to US intelligence which it had not been before. ... FR Reprint.


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