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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Update: Iranian Diplomat Reportedly Held in Iraq

August 8, 2004
Al Arabiya TV runs video showing Iranian consul in Karbala Fereidoun Jahani in hands of Islamic Army of Iraq who kidnapped him for flagrant interference in Iraq affairs. Same group killed two Pakistan hostages last month. More than 1,200 Iranians arrested in Karbala in 10 days. ...

Circles close to PM Allawi may have resorted to local methods of deterrence to warn Tehran off from meddling in Iraqi Shiite affairs. Baghdad also certain Tehran egged radical Sadr on to resume his anti-American revolt around Shiite towns and Baghdad. Iraqi government announces restoration of capital punishment for murder, kidnapping and drug dealing. Saturday, amnesty was offered for minor crimes.

Rebellious Shiite cleric Sadr defies Allawi’s call Sunday for his militiamen to lay down arms and leave city. ...FR Reprint.


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