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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Up-to-date N. Korean Intel

August 22, 2004
The Summary of Recent N. Korean Intel

...Recently, it is common that N. Korean defectors who came to S. Korea call up with Chinese cell-phones family members in N. Korea(who also have Chinese cell-phones.)

...Current economic situation in N. Korea is deteriorating badly. Capacity utilization of factories and mines is plummeting and street kids are on the rise again. Some are starving to deaths.

...There has been reports from Japanese sources that Kim Jong-il's eldest son, Kim Jong-name, is now assumed the role of the Kim Jong-il's successor. However, Korean agencies discounts their credibility. Things turned worse for the Kim Jong-il's brother-in-law, Jang Sung-thaek, who has been under house arrest. He is now undergoing ideological re-education.

...Kim Jong-il regime deployed Worker-peasant Red Militia(N. Korean militia) at Sino-N. Korean border to stop the flow of N. Korean escapees.

...Judging from various reports, one has to wonder if the Kim Jong-il regime is in the irrevocable process of collapse. As it stands, S. Korea basically feeds residents of Pyongyang and N. Korean military. If the political climate changes in S. Korea, even this life-line could stop. FR Reprint.


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