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Friday, August 20, 2004

UK:Terror leaflets found at mosque from US

August 15 2004
Hundreds of leaflets urging Muslims to become terrorist fighters have been distributed at a Midland mosque. Police have been called in to investigate after the flyers were found at Birmingham Central Mosque last week.

The leaflets urge worshippers to become Mujahideen fighters and ask them to 'pray for death and decay to be visited upon the West'. The literature bears the name of a group called Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamah, which mosque officials say is often used as an alias for the Al Muhajiroun group. Al Muhajiroun, a small radical organisation which has called for a British Islamic state, has been accused of inciting terrorism, anti-Semitism and homophobia.

Mosque chairman Dr Mohammed Naseem warned that the leaflets could act as a recruitment aid for would-be terrorists."It is very worrying," he said. ...

Dr Naseem said he blamed the Government for Al Muhajiroun's continuing presence in Britain. "Its leaders continue to preach and incite terrorism and yet the Government does not nothing about it," he said. "These people should be removed from the country." FR Reprint.

Note: Numerous terror sites are now hosted at Managed Solutions, San Jose California. Terror sites are often grouped using the same IP address at the same ISP. The reason for this is the sites are often put up by the same webmaster. is known as the "webmaster of terrorists". 357Hosting was recently booted out of AcmeCommerce in Malaysia and is relocating some of their sites to San Jose. Also at Managed Solutions is the website of Abu Hamza Hamza was dubbed by monday's CBS Evening News as "The Terror Big". At the CBS News site is a video of Hamza calling for violent jehad on British soil.


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