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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

UK: Shaking fingers - Lecturing despots won't work

August 17, 2004
THE WISDOM of the Bush Doctrine becomes clearer with every new international crisis that crops up. A group of Hutus in Burundi massacred 150 Congolese refugees in a camp there on Friday. It was a United Nations camp. The U.N. response? On Sunday the Security Council issued a statement urging the government of Burundi to bring the perpetrators to account. That’ll show ‘em.

In Sudan, where innocents are being massacred by the thousands, the U.N. has done shamefully little. Sudan is on the United Nations’ Commission on Human Rights. In its six-week work session this year, the commission, a U.N. press release boasts, “adopted 88 resolutions, 28 decisions, and five Chairman’s statements.” Bureaucratic impotence should be no surprise coming from an organization whose Africa bureau is located in Geneva.

John Kerry, announcing how he would handle Sudan
, said he would shower $350 million on the U.N., Impose comprehensive U.N. sanctions; Obtain UN Security Council authorization for a Chapter VII humanitarian intervention to protect civilians and deliver humanitarian assistance;” and “Authorize an International Commission of Inquiry into war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.”

So John Kerry’s response to the crisis is to “authorize” an “International Commission of Inquiry” and request that the U.N., which cannot even protect its own camps, intervene with humanitarian assistance. That’s exactly how Kerry would have handled Iraq, too: Give the bad guys a stern talking-to. It’s a strategy that has never deterred genocide and never will. But at least it will make the French and Germans like us again, right? ... FR Reprint.


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