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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

UK Al Qaeda: Alarm comes after terror group member is interrogated

August 3, 2004
BRITAIN’S security forces were yesterday put on "heightened readiness" for a potential terrorist attack, after detailed al-Qaeda plans to attack UK targets were uncovered.

The plans, discovered by Pakistani and CIA intelligence officers interrogating an al-Qaeda member in Pakistan... In a sign of the gravity of the threat, US officials took the unusual step of revealing the names of the companies and organisations that could be targeted.

Among them was Citigroup, a US investment bank with offices in Edinburgh and London. A company spokeswoman confirmed yesterday that the bank’s British staff had been "made aware" of increased security precautions following the threat. Another bank listed as a potential target, Prudential Financial, also has subsidiaries based in London. ...

Mr Ridge insisted that the intelligence that triggered the operation was more troubling than most reports about suspected al-Qaeda activity.

"This is not the usual chatter," he said. "This is multiple sources that involve extraordinary detail. Everyone that has reviewed the sources has concluded this was as reliable a group of sources as we have ever seen before." FR Reprint.


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