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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Suspicious activity may have been ignored

August 3, 2004
A man from Vernon was recently driving through New York when he saw something suspicious but when he called police to alert them he says no one seemed to care. ...

He was waiting in traffic at the approach to the George Washington Bridge when he noticed three men in the car next to him with a camera.

"I came across a vehicle sitting across from us in traffic, with three middle eastern looking men in it, with a very small palm video camera," said Maney, "We sat across from them for a minimum of 20 minutes and the entire time they were filming structures of the tunnels and the bridge."

Once the men spotted Maney watching, they appeared to become suspicious of him. "The first time they saw me he instantly put the camera down in his lap and rolled the window up," he said." And every time he got a car length in front of me the camera came back out and he went back to filming."

Maney says he dialed 911 from his cell and he expected a big response. "We figured the bridge would be shut down with the information I gave them," he said.

Maney says he gave dispatchers a description of the vehicle and a license plate number, but the calls made little progress because no one was sure who was supposed to respond. .... FR Reprint.


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