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Friday, August 06, 2004

Suspicious Activity in Scranton (Middle Easterners scouting ammo plant)

August 5, 2004
If you've run into two men asking questions about the Chamberlain plant in Scranton you're not alone. The plant makes shells for the military. Scranton police and the F.B.I. have information that two men were asking questions about the plant on Cedar Avenue and investigators want to know why. The Chamberlain Manufacturing Corporation makes ammunition shells. Last year the plant was working on a $22 million contract for the government, making 25,000 shells a month. ...

So Scranton police are circulating a flyer with computer-generated pictures created by descriptions given to investigators. They're said to be of middle eastern descent and traveling in a green sport utility vehicle without license plates. One may have a British accent. ... FR Reprint.


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