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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sudan Crisis Has Been Going On For Decades

August 8, 2004
The disaster in Sudan did not begin this year and is not confined to the Darfur region, which is now in the headlines. The recent deaths of 30,000 Sudanese are but a subchapter in a conflict that has been raging for more than two decades and has taken the lives of more than 1.2 million people. ...

In 1983, the northerners imposed Islamic law on the entire country, including millions of Christians. Though that decree has since been tempered, it touched off the massive bloodshed whose aftermath the world is now witnessing. ... Dissidents rotting in Arab jails do not win even a tenth of the attention accorded to freedom fighters like Andrei Sakharov or Alexander Solzhenitsyn during the Cold War. ...

Why? Because when it comes to budgeting foreign coverage, news organizations see Israel as indispensable, and its neighbors as a curiosity at best, a waste of resources at worst. That, coupled with its accessibility, freedom and comfort, is why tiny Israel is host to more than twice as many Western correspondents than the entire Arab world. That disproportionate scrutiny is also why Israel is fingered even when killing the guilty, while its neighbors get away even with killing the innocent. ... FR Reprint.


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