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Sunday, August 08, 2004

The Source of Islamic Intolerance

August 8, 2004
By and large, Western political analysts steer clear of criticizing Islam when seeking to explain Muslim hatred toward Israelfor fear of appearing to deviate from the social etiquette of tolerance. Tolerance is regarded as the best way to protect the liberty of all members of society irrespective of political or religious opinions. But in order to defend our liberty, we must never deceive ourselves into accepting the maxim of unconditional tolerance

Occasionally, we must be intolerant of intolerance. By censuring the Islam of either precept or practice, we run the risk of being labeled Islamophobic; however, the real danger comes from turning a blind eye to the hatred encouraged by the doctrinaire approach to religion so widespread in the Muslim world. ...

From where does this loathing derive? The answer to this question may be found by investigating two Islamic principles: Dar Al-Islam and infidels.

…(T)he world is divided into two camps: Dar Al-Harb — lands not yet under Islamic rule — and Dar Al-Islam — lands where Islamic shari'a law exists. Once under Islamic rule, land remains a part of Dar Al-Islam until Judgement Day. Thus, since Palestine was once under Muslim control (634-1099 CE), it can never be relinquished.

The second confrontational Islamic teaching is the classification of people as either Muslim or infidel. The latter is further divided into "tolerated" (which includes Jews and Christians, who are recognized by the Prophet Muhammad as recipients of a Divinely revealed scripture) and "not tolerated" (polytheists). ...

In the words of Amos Funkenstein, "[From a Muslim perspective] the world has to be politically 'secure' so that no Muslim is dominated by 'infidels.' Infidels, even if they are tolerated [Jews and Christians], are not to occupy positions of leadership in the Dar El-Islam [Dar Al-Islam]." ... FR Reprint.


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