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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Screening Air Travelers

August 10, 2004
For the record, however, we'd also like to draw readers' attention to another Transportation Department missive. It is a consent order dated June 21 and signed by the Department's deputy general counsel. It asserts that Delta Air Lines discriminated against passengers undergoing its screening procedures and directs the carrier to spend $900,000 over the next two years to provide "civil rights training to its pilots, flight attendants, and passenger service agents."

Delta denies the charges that it violated federal law by removing from flights or denying boarding to "persons [who] were, or were perceived to be, of Arab, Middle Eastern or Southeast Asian descent and/or Muslim." The carrier says its actions were based solely on safety and security concerns. It agreed to the settlement to avoid litigation or fines.

Transportation notes that it has reached similar settlements with United, American and Continental -- all of which also speak for themselves, and don't make us feel safer. ... FR Reprint.


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