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Friday, August 20, 2004

Rumsfeld says missile defense shield to be ready by year's end

August 20, 2004
The United States will have a limited defense against incoming ballistic missiles by the end of this year, US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said in prepared remarks, calling it a "triumph of hope and vision over pessimism and skepticism."

Rumsfeld hailed the developers of the missile defense system in a speech prepared for delivery to a conference in Huntsville, Alabama, a day after President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry the Democratic presidential nominee, clashed over the controversial project on the campaign trail.

"It has been two years since President Bush announced the decision to deploy an initial missile defense capability and in the past few weeks, the first interceptor was put in place at Fort Greely, Alaska," Rumsfeld said. ... FR Reprint.


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