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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

QE2 liner was terror target - report

August 4, 2004
The QE2 liner was among the targets selected by two South Africans -- captured in Pakistan along with a senior al-Qaida terrorist -- who were plotting attacks on tourist sites in their home country. ... "They were all very well trained terrorists because of the way they fought the gun battle and the way they engaged us for 12 hours. This is something no common man could have done," said Hussain.

A Lahore-based intelligence official said the men wanted to target tourist sites in Johannesburg, South Africa's commercial centre. The men are believed to have arrived in Pakistan on a flight from the United Arab Emirates just days before their arrest. Johannesburg newspaper, This Day, said the Queen Elizabeth 2 was a target that was supposed to be attacked when it arrived in Durban or Cape Town from Mauritius. FR Reprint.


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