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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Population warning for First World

August 17, 2004
Many of the world's largest industrialized nations will lose population between now and 2050 as low birth rates, struggling economies and curbs on immigration stifle growth, says the author of a world population report.

The annual study by the private Population Reference Bureau found that, while the world's population will increase nearly 50 per cent by mid-century, Japan will lose 20 per cent of its population in the next 45 years, while Russia, Germany and Italy will also see declines.

The United States is the biggest exception among developed countries, with its population forecast to rise by 43 per cent from 293 million now to 420 million at mid-century. ...

While the population of developed countries would rise four per cent to over 1.2 billion, the population in developing nations would surge by 55 per cent to more than eight billion. Countries in Africa and south Asia would see the largest increases. ...

Meanwhile, many European countries with aging populations have sent out conflicting messages of seeking more workers while blocking out immigrants, the UN Population Division has said. The issue has sparked political debate in Austria, France and the Netherlands. FR Reprint.


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