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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Pelosi Critical of Goss Nomination, Despite Earlier Support

August 10, 2004
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi stands opposed to the nomination of Rep. Peter Goss (R-Fla.), an eight-term congressman and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, to head the CIA, but just two months ago, Pelosi pledged to support Goss for the position.

On Tuesday, Pelosi suggested Goss is too "political" to be named director of the Central Intelligence Agency. "But I will say what I said before is that there shouldn't - a person should not be the director of central intelligence who's acted in a very political way when we're dealing with the safety of the American people," she told CNN. ...

But on June 5, 2004, the Chattanooga Times Free Press reported Pelosi saying that if Goss were nominated for the post, she would support him, having worked closely with Goss during the congressional investigation into the Sept. 11 attacks. ... FR Reprint.


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