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Sunday, August 15, 2004 Publishes 20,000 Pages of John Kerry - VVAW FBI Files

June 9, 2004
Paperless Archives ( has announced the publishing of 20,000 pages of FBI Files related to Senator John Kerry. These FBI files include coverage of John Kerry's activity as a leader of the anti-Vietnam War group, Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

These FBI files have been the subject of great discussion and news coverage recently, yet few have actually ever seen a single page of the documents. Paperless Archives ( has now made it possible for everyone to obtain and review copies of these files.

Most of this material was originally released in 1999 to author and historian Gerald Nicosia, after seeking their release under the Freedom of Information Act in 1988. This set released in June 2004, contains pages of documents not released to Nicosia in 1999. ... FR Reprint.


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