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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Palestinian inquiry blames Arafat for anarchy

August 10, 2004
A Palestinian Legislative Council investigation into the reasons for the chaos in the Palestinian Authority found that the main reason for the anarchy is that the PA and its leader, Yasser Arafat, have failed to make a clear political decision to end it. The report also calls for an end to Qassam rocket fire into Israel and attacks inside Israel, the resignation of the members of the Qureia government and general elections.

"The main reason for the failure of the Palestinian security forces and their lack of action in restoring law and order," says the report prepared by the five-member PLC committee, "is the total lack of a clear political decision and no definition of their roles, either for the long term or the short." ...

"It is threatening the entire national project ... we have been handling the problems all wrong. We discuss the problem with the person who created it and give into their illegal demands ... we encouraged this and accepted it, against the law and against the very spirit of statehood. There is no deterrence of criminals and collaborators, and we are forced to deal with problems using clan methods, rather than legal methods. If this continues, it will send difficult messages to our people, to the Israelis who claim there is no Palestinian partner and to the international community, that we don't deserve a state." ... FR Reprint.


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