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Saturday, August 14, 2004

New Video Rocks the Boat for John Kerry

August 13, 2004
A video released last week by the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth (, an organization aiming to refute John Kerry's Vietnam war record, has drawn the attention and skepticism of independent voters. ...

During an on-line poll of more than 1,200 pre-selected nation-wide voters - Republicans, Democrats and Independents - each were asked to respond on a sliding scale for interest and believability to what is said and shown in the video.

While viewed with doubt by a solid majority of independent voters, the video also appears to have an effect on placing doubt in the minds of independent voters that are leaning towards Kerry in the November election. More specifically, 27% of independents who either planned to vote, or were leaning toward voting for Kerry, indicated that they were no longer sure of voting for him after watching the video.
FR Reprint.

Another poll study as of 8/14/2004.


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