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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Might Al Qaeda Have Acquired Stealthy French Sub with Nukes?

August 22, 2004
Last night in a radio interview, Howard Bloom, author and scholar at New York University claims: Al Qaeda May Have Acquired Stealthy French Sub with Nukes! In the past his website has reported:
"Osama bin Laden may soon have his hands on three Agosta 90B next-generation stealth submarines capable of carrying sixteen sea-to-land cruise missiles each. Those missiles can deliver atomic warheads. And Osama, I suspect, will have access to the forty nuclear warheads constructed by Pakistan.

Washington and New York, two primary targets for Al Qaeda, are near bodies of water from which these nuclear-tipped missiles can be launched. So are many other major American cities. Click here for more details:
FR Reprint.

Update: They may not have them yet... Click here.


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