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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Kerry In Cambodia Debunked By Kerry Crewmate

August 19, 2004
For Immediate Release August 18, 2004

Kerry In Cambodia Debunked By Kerry Crewmate

What's Next?

Kerry Crew Member and Supporter Does Not "Recall" Senator In Cambodia

Washington, DC - Swift Boat Veterans for Truth today, again, called on Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry to set the record straight on whether he was, or was not, in Cambodia.

In today's Boston Globe, an article by Michael Kranish further calls into question whether Kerry was ever in Cambodia.

"Michael Medeiros, who served aboard the No. 94 with Kerry and appeared with him at the Democratic National Convention, vividly recalled an occasion on which Kerry and the crew chased an enemy to the Cambodian border but did not go beyond the border," the Globe's Kranish writes. "Yet Medeiros said he could not recall dropping off special forces in Cambodia or going inside Cambodia with Kerry." (Boston Globe, August 18th, 2004)

When pressed further about this incident, Michael Meehan, a spokesman for Senator Kerry, could not produce any documentation supporting Kerry's claim that he was in Cambodia.

"Separately, according to Meehan's statement, Kerry crossed into Cambodia on a covert mission to drop off special operations forces. In an interview, Meehan said there was no paperwork for such missions and he could not supply a date. That makes it hard to ascertain or confirm what happened." (Boston Globe, August 18th, 2004) ... FR Reprint.


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