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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

John Loftus: Iran wanted Sadr to declare a new Shiite nation

August 24, 2004
Middle East expert, John Loftus (often seen on Fox News), sent us the following exclusive report:

In the last 30 days, clans whose relatives have been murdered by Moqtada Sadr have been kidnapping his Iranian bosses, including the Iranian consul general in Karbala. The Iranian consul has been talking like a waterfall. Soon afterwards, four Iranian reporters from IRNA were arrested as Iranian spies, and 60 others are under interrogation.

By the way, hand grenades and mortars in Najaf are new and marked “made in Iran.”

Iran’s plan was to have Moqtada Sadr declare in independent Shiite state with its capital in Najaf. Iran planned simultaneous uprisings in Fallujah with its al Qaeda proxies. Everything collapsed when their Intel net was arrested.

The Iraqi government is sitting on videotaped confessions of Iranian agents. Watch for it all to come out in September when the UN debates sanctions on peace loving Iran. FR Reprint.


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