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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Jimmy Carter: Wrong mentor for Kerry

August 21, 2004
Now that the Democratic Party has committed itself to warmed-over Carterism in its platform document, the comically titled "Strong At Home, Respected In The World," and Mickey Kaus has contributed a ringing endorsement worthy of the Man From Malaise ("We survived Carter and we'd survive Kerry"), it is important to remember just what we owe Jimmy Carter: a resurgent global Islamic radicalism, emboldened and directly aided by the Khomeini regime in Iran that he did so much to set in place. ...

A sobering reminder of just how much Carter is responsible for Iran's now sclerotic but still tenacious mullahocracy comes from Steven F. Hayward of the American Enterprise Institute in his new book, "The Real Jimmy Carter" (Regnery). ...

The bottom line? "Khomeini's regime," says Hayward, "executed more people in its first year in power than the shah's SAVAK had allegedly killed in the previous 25 years." Whether Khomeini in the early '80s sent a thank-you note to the man now basking in glory as "America's greatest ex-president," who was by then down in Plains licking his wounds and beginning his path to the Nobel Prize, is not known. But should Kerry be elected, Khomeini's spiritual heirs, locked in a mortal struggle with a new movement for secularism and democracy in Iran, may start getting all sorts of new reasons to express their gratitude to the man in the White House. ... FR Reprint.


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