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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Is Swiftvet John O'Neill a Bush stooge? No, He voted for Gore

August 13, 2004
A little more than three decades ago, a young man named John O'Neill served his nation aboard a swift boat in Vietnam. Today, the mild-mannered and eloquent attorney from Texas is serving his nation again.

O'Neill and the book UNFIT FOR COMMAND have become the biggest nightmare in the Kerry campaign as the campaign tries to fool Americans into actually making a totally unqualified man the commander in chief. From James Carvile to Lanny Davis to the rest of the hacks in the liberal media, O'Neill is being pummeled as a stooge of President Bush. ...

O'Neill is no Bush stooge. In fact, he has not voted for the Republican candidate for president since 1988. Much to the chagrin of his wife, in 2000, JOHN O'NEILL VOTED FOR AL GORE! (source: Hugh Hewitt interview with O'Neill, 8-14-04) FR Reprint.


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