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Friday, August 13, 2004

Hispanic Leader: Democrats head down wrong road

August 13, 2004
We have been hearing it from Democrats forever, it seems. That some Americans are racially oppressed "minorities," that we are to define ourselves as aggrieved outsiders, that the social and economic problems that affect some black and Hispanic neighborhoods are the result of racial discrimination. ...

Now a man named Alvaro Cifuentes is also challenging the Demos' conventional wisdom. But he is ...chair of the Democratic National Committee's Hispanic Caucus. ...

"I have never in my life felt discriminated against. ... We don't need to follow the models of the past." He went on to say he does not "believe in a minority approach." Here's a ...the point man for the DNC's effort to close down inroads Republicans are making among Hispanics -- and he says his party is doing it all wrong. ...

The challenge for Democrats, he says, is to change the minds of Hispanics who continue to hold on to the aggrieved minority paradigm. Racial preferences should disappear now. FR Reprint.


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