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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Gay Marriage Issue Could Tip Some Black Votes to Bush

August 3, 2004
"Same-sex marriage goes against everything that the Bible teaches," said Vicki Britt, a longtime Democratic voter who attends Mount Airy Church of God in Christ here. She said she is strongly considering supporting Bush in November, "even though I feel some things Bush has done are wrong. ... He's against same-sex marriage." ...

The congregation, black clergy and national pollsters said they would be surprised if Kerry gets as many votes as Al Gore did against Bush four years ago. Current polls indicate Kerry will probably receive at least 80 percent of the black vote; Gore received 90 percent in 2000. ...

"The same-sex marriage issue is going to make some people think whether they're going to switch their vote over," said Bishop Ernest Morris, Mount Airy's pastor. "It has been talked about in my congregation." ...

In a Gallup Poll from May, 72 percent of black Americans surveyed said they opposed granting the same legal recognition for same-sex marriages as for traditional marriages. The corresponding figure for the general population was 59 percent. FR Reprint.


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