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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Chinese reporters expelled from Athens. Caught Photographing Patriot missile sites

August 12, 2004
Just reported on AntenaTV. One of the satellite TV channels received in the USA. Chinese reporters were arrested for photographing patriot missile batteries control areas. Greek security has established "secure zones" relating to security which are forbidden for any reporters to cover. These are control areas, and areas relating to security and counter terrorism.

The Chinese were not the only reporters caught. Greek security reported that they were in a forbidden zone and when caught and confronted they suddenly went "stupid". (forgive the translation is not exact, essentially the Chinese reporter though by acting stupid the security would be fooled and release them)

security is showing no mercy to reporters. Also arrested were a British reporter for the Observer. (the British have been particularly brutal in Greek coverage and sky news has earned the ire of the nation after a video clip of a reporter ridiculing the Greek national anthem made the rounds.) Other reporters arrested were Mexican reporters who also violated secure zones.

Reporters are on notice that officials are now considering incarcerating further violators until the end of the games and THEN expelling them out of the country. ... FR Reprint.


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