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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Al Qeada intersted in Poland?

August 18, 2004
"BP petrochemical site, nearby highway and train track. A city with a population of hundreds of thousands few kilometres from there. If it would explode, the results would be terrible. There, in Swarzedz there was arrested Michel N., 23. Did he spy for Al Qeada?" – Fakt asked.

"Detention of French man taking pictures of huge BP petrochemical site is the most serious evidence of Al Qeda activity in Poland. Police and Agency of Interior Security do their best to find out connections of detained terrorist" - Fakt wrote.

If terrorsit intended to blow huge propan butan gas containers there would be a unimaginable tragedy, in which could have been killed thousands of people. Worse, Al Qeada usually targets multiple sites." – Fakt said. ...

"And that is why normal arrest of French "tourist" alarmed polica and secret services around in Poland. Michel N., 23, was caught on Friday. He had been riding on bicycle in proximity of Swarzedz BP site. He attracted attention of an industrial guard team. French tried to escape. He tried to destroy camera film of his mini camera. However guards got him. Michel N was arrrested - Fakt said. ... FR Reprint.


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