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Thursday, August 19, 2004

8 Times More TV on Bush 'AWOL' Than Anti-Kerry Swift Vets

August 19, 2004
"TV Gives No Respect to Swift Boat Vets for Truth: ABC, CBS & NBC Gave 75 Stories to Bush 'AWOL' Charge, 9 to Claims Kerry Embellished War Record"

Back in February, the three broadcast networks were obsessed with the story of President Bush's National Guard service. But in May, when John Kerry's former Navy colleagues from Vietnam went to the National Press Club to charge that Kerry's tales of heroism as a Swift Boat commander were highly exaggerated, those same networks acted as if their job was to bury the news, not report it.

Back on May 4, ABC and NBC ignored the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth's press conference, while CBS's Byron Pitts claimed the veterans had merely "unleashed decades of bitterness." His Evening News story ignored Kerry's record, but challenged his critics: "If you think this is just a concerned group of veterans, think again." ... FR Reprint.


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