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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Why Bush Snubbed the NAACP

July 15, 2004
The Democrat group that calls itself National Association for the Advancement of Colored People just can't understand why President Bush won't address it. Gee, could his reluctance have anything to do with the organization's recent history of hatemongering?

Although NAACP was a civil rights organization years ago, it has degenerated into a partisan attack dog for plantation boss Terry McAuliffe:

During the 2000 campaign it outrageously tried to blame President Bush for the sickening murder of James Byrd. (Note to NAACP: John Kerry, not Bush, is the one who opposes the death penalty for vicious killers).

Democrat Julian Bond, chairman of NAACP, in 2001 tried to compare the Bush administration to "the Taliban."

Last week Democrat NAACP boss Kweisi Mfume accused Bush of treating blacks like prostitutes and of wanting to "take blacks back to the days of Jim Crow."


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