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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Potential terrorists released due to lack of jail space, congressman says

July 23, 2004
Middle Easterners with possible terrorists ties have been detained after entering the country from Mexico but released for lack of jail space, said U.S. Rep. Solomon P. Ortiz, the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Subcommitte on Readiness.

"It is true. It is very reliable information, fron the horse's mouth, and it's happening all over the place," Ortiz, D-Texas, told the Herald on Thursday.

"It's very, very scary, and members (of congress) know about this. We have contacted several agencies, and I have talked to some people, but I can't say who."

Ortiz's comments come amid Thursday's release of the 9/11 panel's report into events leading to the deadliest attacks on U.S. soil and as the House Appropiations Committee passed an amendment to the Transportation-Treasury Bill to stop the use of Mexican identification cards in this country.

Currently, martricula consulars are used by Mexican nationals to open bank accounts in the United States and obtain driver's licenses in some states.
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