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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Jerusalem Post: Do US voters fully appreciate how Islamists will interpret a Kerry win?

July 22, 2004
If Bush loses the election, the fanatics will celebrate his loss as a victory in their war against the greatest power in the world. It doesn't matter that John Kerry may be forced to continue Bush's global war against terrorism or that Kerry may retract conciliatory-sounding election promises.

The very fact of a Bush defeat will be interpreted in the fevered, fanatical minds of millions of jihadists and their supporters to mean that their path of sowing terror and death is the right one.

A Bush loss could well give renewed momentum for an al-Qaida offensive.

This prognosis should worry American voters who care about their country's security. Consequently, however difficult it may be for voters brought up on democratic values to acknowledge, they should be cognizant of the extraordinary significance of changing supreme commanders in wartime.

And they should especially think about how a Bush loss would likely play in the eyes of America's enemies. FR Reprint.


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