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Thursday, July 22, 2004

George Soros Teaches the FBI Tolerance (P.C. paralyzes War on Terror)

July 22, 2004
The special agent in charge of FBI’s Washington Field Office has participated in a new initiative called the Promising Practices Guide: Developing Partnerships Between Law Enforcement and American Muslim, Arab, and Sikh Communities. This is a worrisome development because that guide’s adoption could significantly impede the war on terror.

Funded by the Soros and Whiting foundations and created at Northeastern University, the guide presents its goal as shaping “a basic curriculum for future law enforcement and community training activities.” At first glance, this sounds promising, as it offers ways to take advantage of Arab, Muslim and Sikh unique “linguistic skills, information, and cultural insights” to develop new counterterrorism initiatives.

But the guide’s authors, Deborah A. Ramirez, Sasha Cohen O’Connell and Rabia Zafar, quickly alert the reader as to their true agenda. “The most dangerous threats in this war” they write, “are rooted in the successful propagation of anger and fear directed at unfamiliar cultures and people.” The most dangerous threat, they say, is not the very real violence of Islamist terror but the alleged bias of American authorities against some minority populations. The guide might present itself as an aide to counterterrorism but its real purpose is to deflect attention from national security to the privileging of select communities.

In this spirit, and ignoring the fact that those who are making war on America act explicitly in the name of Islam, the Promising Practices Guide renounces any approach to law enforcement that focuses on “religion or national origin.” Islamic charities, a known source of terrorist funding, should not be given special scrutiny lest “this creates an impression of unjust, religious, and/or national origin-based targeting.” Nor apparently should those suspected of plotting terrorism be detained for lesser crimes such as immigration violations or firearms offenses, as to the community, “these may appear to be ‘pretext’ investigations.” Using the guide’s logic, no one should be singled out, not even would-be terrorists, not even for questioning. FR Reprint.


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