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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Britain ready to send 5,000 troops to Sudan

July 24, 2004
BRITAIN stands ready to send 5,000 troops to Sudan, the head of the Army said yesterday in a sign that a deployment to the war-torn African country is under active consideration.

General Sir Mike Jackson, the Chief of General Staff, said that the Army would be ready if called upon despite its commitments in Iraq, the Balkans and Afghanistan.

In the light of Tony Blair’s insistence on Thursday that Britain had a “moral responsibility to act” to prevent a humanitarian disaster in Sudan, Sir Mike said that a brigade of 5,000 soldiers could be ready and fully equipped if the Government decided to send in troops.

The ultimate decision will be for his political masters and would follow the EU fact- finding mission launched this week, but his comments show that a medium-size British deployment is one option under consideration. FR Reprint.


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