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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Are Terrorists Passing Messages Right Under Our Noses?

July 22, 2004
The following is an unconfirmed story appearing on the conservative forum, Like the "Terror in the Skies, Again?" story widely circulated last week this story raises more questions than it answers.

"I post this personal encounter to ascertain whether any other Freepers have had similar experiences or have heard of anyone observing such behavior as I describe below.

Last week, my wife and I were driving home from our place of employment in Central Maryland. We always take US 29 N to US 40 E to the outer suburbs of Baltimore. As we passed under the only enclosed footbridge on US 29 at Columbia, I noticed a female Asian or Middle Eastern person on the footbridge appearing to stare South at the traffic passing underneath her. She was not moving but was just kneeling there supposedly watching for something. It seemed out of place at the exact instant we passed under her but I quickly dismissed the encounter as merely curious.

As we continued north approximately 2-3 miles, we noticed a bicycle parked on the shoulder ahead. As we drew closer we saw an unmistakable ME type crouched down behind the guardrail also watching traffic approaching from the south. Now they have my attention! I made it a point to continue straight home and upon arrival called the Howard County non-emergency police number to report the observation. They seemed unusually interested asking for descriptions and whether I had seen any cameras or binoculars. After about 10-15 minutes of grilling they thanked me for the information and related that they were going to send a car to "check it out". I hung up feeling a little proud of myself for having done my civic duty and perhaps helping out in the War On Terror.

Today, exactly one week, almost to the minute, we were driving the same route. I did not notice the footbridge or whether anyone was stationed there but as we proceeded north about 1/2 mile beyond the bridge, the same ME male with the parked bicycle, this time was standing in the shoulder area of the highway except today he was signaling in a manner that I remember from my Navy days when the signalmen used to wig-wag converse with signalmen on other ships. I don't know who he was signaling. It could have been someone again on the footbridge or someone in a vehicle BUT HE WAS DEFINITELY SIGNALING someone."

A postscript to this story. The author reports that immediately following his posting of his story,
"I got second call from FBI for more precise information within 10 minutes of the initial call. On my caller id the source was the DC FBI office."


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