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Thursday, July 29, 2004

3 Middle Eastern Men Detained Trying To Board OIA Flight On National Do Not Fly List

July 29, 2004
The FBI and Orlando Police have confirmed 3 Middle Eastern men were detained last week trying to board a flight at Orlando International Airport.

In an exclusive story, 540 WFLA Melissa Hellervik has learned, as they were checking in for a flight to Oman at the ticket counter the name of one of the men appeared on a computerized "do-not-fly" list compiled by the Transportation Security Administration. All 3 men were placed into the custody of a federal agent.

A spokeswoman from the FBI told Newsradio 540 WFLA they will not comment with any details, because the 3 are continuing to be investigated. Several investigative agencies came together on this. FR Reprint.


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